• Masks for hair from falling out at home

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    Hair loss is a problem that is familiar to both men and women.

    However, loss is a normal process, because during the life of the hair cells are constantly updated. A normal indication is hair loss of up to 100 per day.

    Strengthen hair loss during the spring and autumn, in this case, you should not worry. If the problem of hair loss is well known to you, you should take measures, because this disease is easier to prevent.

    Homemade recipes are the perfect solution for those who want to restore their hair, strengthen them, get rid of their excessive loss. What is important is that unlike purchased masks, preparations made at home will not contain harmful ingredients.

    Natural hair mask for hair loss can strengthen the roots, improve blood circulation, make hair thick, soft, beautiful. Such funds are most often applied before washing their heads.

    Causes of hair loss

    I want to say that from many unfavorable factors hair loss can occur. First of all, these are external causes, for example, the influence of wind, sun, hair dryer and others.
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    Also falling out is provoked by such internal reasons as:

    • hereditary predisposition.
    • poor nutrition.
    • glitches in the hormonal system.
    • diabetes mellitus
    • decreased hemoglobin and other diseases.
    • experience, stressful situations
    • poor blood circulation near the hair roots.
    • depletion of the body after delivery and lactation.
    • decrease in the amount of vitamins in the diet.
    • of the GI tract.
    External influences such as hair coloring, curling, exposure to sunlight, unfavorable environmental conditions also provoke falling out.

    Self-understanding the main cause of hair loss is not so easy, it's best to consult a specialist. The best option is to start restoring the hair from the initial appearance of the problem, rather than starting the process.

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    Hair masks that improve blood circulation

    1. 1) Take 2 egg yolks, 1 drop of rosemary, as much basil and black pepper, and 2 drops of ylang ylang. All the prepared components of the mask should be thoroughly mixed, and then applied to the roots, hold for about 30 minutes. Then thoroughly wash off your hair with shampoo or bath soap.
    2. 2) Mask with mustard and olive oil. The store will need to buy mustard powder. It is diluted with water, after which a little olive or coconut oil is added to the mixture. After you hold the mask for about 20 minutes, rinse it off.
    3. 3) Preheated castor oil is mixed with warm burdock oil in equal proportions. After that, the product is applied to the roots and slightly to the tips. If you have oily scalp, use burdock oil without any impurities.
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    Prophylactic mask for hair loss

    1. 1) If you have not noticed any hair loss so far, then take preventive measures. Normal unrefined olive oil will help. It should be slightly heated with a water bath, then applied to the skin in a warm form, then massage with this oil. After the procedure, cover the head with polyethylene or a shower cap. Wrap over the polyethylene bath towel. The mask should be kept for at least 1 hour. Then wash off the oil with shampoo. To stop hair loss, it is enough to do the procedure twice a week. The second option is a course of 12-20 procedures in a row.
    2. 2) Take colorless henna, dilute it with any kefir. The prepared mask will need to be rubbed into the scalp, then wrap the hair with a warm towel. When the mask lasts about half an hour, it is washed off in a standard way. Kefir moisturizes your hair if it becomes dry, and henna perfectly strengthens and stimulates the growth of hair follicles.
    3. 3) Honey and yolk of chicken eggs - a wonderful method of strengthening hair and preventing their loss! Take 2 yolks and 2 tbsp.spoons of quality natural honey. Let the mask on the hair stay longer, about an hour. After that, wash off the mask.
    4. 4) Onion juice + kefir. To make a mask, you need juice from two bulbs and the same amount of dairy product. After that, apply the mixture on the head, leave for about 35-40 minutes. Kefir in the mask perfectly neutralizes the unpleasant aroma of onions.
    5. 5) It is necessary to mix olive oil with yolk. After this, the mixture is applied to the roots of the hair, it is good to wrap the head with a warm towel. The mask keeps on the hair for about an hour. Then the product is washed off with shampoo, you can rinse at the end of washing the dark hair by tea brewing, and light ones - the decoction of natural chemist's chamomile. This recipe should be repeated about twice a week for one month.

    Lemon hair mask

    This mask is well suited for strengthening hair follicles and reducing their loss. To make it, squeeze juice from 1 lemon, removing the hard particles from it. Stir the lemon juice with a quality olive oil in equal proportions. The mask is applied to the roots, it is best to leave it for the night or hold it for as long as possible. After that, the mixture is washed out with ordinary warm water and shampoo.

    This kind of mask should be done twice a week, the duration of the procedure depends on the required result. Your strands will be beautiful, elastic, durable and shiny!

    Vodka-egg mask for hair

    A simple recipe will help strengthen your hair. Take 2 egg yolks, mix them with 2 tbsp.spoons of vodka. Cook the mixture evenly into the skin on the head, then wrap the head and hold the mixture for 40 minutes.

    After thoroughly washing the mask, rinse your head with an infusion of chamomile or nettle.

    Super effective hair loss mask

    If the problem has gone very far, use the following recipe. The onion should be grated on a fine grater, squeeze the juice using gauze. Take 30 mg.castor oil, a tablespoon of prepared juice, a little tincture of calendula alcohol, a tablespoon of cognac, a spoonful of honey and as much chili peppers.

    Prepared the compound well stir, after it turns out a homogeneous gruel, it is applied to the roots of hair. The mask is held for 50 minutes. Next, rinse the mask with a good shampoo, rinse your hair with a diluted chamomile broth.

    This remedy is applied to the hair once a week. The mask is very effective, it is suitable for treatment, but with a preventive purpose, choose more gentle mixtures. Hair follicles drop out by using this mask almost immediately! In addition, the strands become smooth, well-groomed, shiny.

    Simple mask to improve the hair condition

    To avoid masking for a long time on the hair, you should try aromatherapy. Acquire essential oil of cypress, rosemary or lavender. When washing your head, add a little drops of this oil to the shampoo.

    After a short time you will see that your strings have become strong, beautiful and obedient. A pleasant aroma that will give you essential oil, will be an additional bonus from such care. We wish you always to remain beautiful and well-groomed, so that your hair is your pride!

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