• Toddler is growing

    The child develops in the womb of the mother for 9 months. All this period is divided into 2 stages: embryonic, which lasts until the 2nd month of

    pregnancy, and fruit. Let us trace how the formation of the child's organism takes place during all this time.

    So, the sperm and the egg met in the fallopian tube, and the fertilized egg began its journey to the uterus. On the 4th day after fertilization, the egg reaches the uterus, here it continues to divide. The best place to attach-implantation of the egg - on the back of the uterus, in her bottom. To this place, she moves to implant in the mucous membrane of the uterus at the end of the first week after fertilization. By this time it is a fetal egg with membranes and embryo inside( see picture)

    Fig. 10-day germ

    Embryos of the embryonic membranes are inserted into the wall of the uterus, releasing special substances,

    which dissolve its mucous membrane. The fetal blood vessels connect to the blood vessels of the mother's uterus, the embryonic circulation is formed. Until then, the embryo was fed only by substances that were contained in the egg.

    From the moment of implantation, the embryo starts receiving all the necessary nutrients from the mother( see picture)

    Fig. 26 day germ

    Later in this place the placenta will be formed, as well as the umbilical cord and the fetal membranes.

    At the 5th-6th week of intrauterine development, the embryo has a length of 6 mm. Despite such a small size, he already has a spine and central nervous system. Eyes and ears, intestines and stomach begin to form, the limbs grow( see picture)

    Fig. 40-day germ

    At the 7th week, the embryo's length is already 1.3 cm, on the sides of the head there are bulging eyes that are closed, butalready formed. On the upper and lower limbs, there are rudiments of future fingers. The heart is already working, the circulatory system is created. The formation of the skeleton of bone began. Continue their formation of the liver, digestive system, sex organs.

    Week 8: the embryo has already become a fetus and has a length of 2.5 cm. All the main internal organs are practically laid. You can already see the face of the future baby, he has a nose, mouth, tongue. The formation of such an important structure as the inner ear begins, why the child's hearing will depend in the future. Fingers are already practically formed, but there are membranes between them.

    At the 9th week the fetus is about 3 cm long. It continues to grow rapidly. The upper extremities are ahead of the lower limbs. Gradually the fetus begins to straighten the back, but the big head is tilted to the chest. Eyes closed by a membrane, the development of the eyelids began. Gradually, the membrane between the fingers is removed. The fetus moves, but since it is still very small, the mother does not feel this, but the ultrasound movements are very clearly visible.

    10th week - length of the fetus is 4.2 cm. The fetus develops faster. All organs are laid. The brain develops with great speed. Eggs in future boys and ovaries in future girls begin to produce sex hormones. The kid is actively moving.

    11th week-length of the fetus is about 5.5 cm. The head is much larger than the trunk. The intestine began its work. Part of it still runs into the umbilical cord. In the placenta, new blood vessels are formed. The brain is developing rapidly.

    12th week - the length of the fetus is 6.1 cm. Gradually the face is formed. Fingers on legs and hands are no longer connected by membranes. Periodically the baby moves, which is due to the arrival of involuntary impulses to the movement from the spinal cord. The brain continues to develop. The connection of the intestine with the umbilical cord disappears. The reproductive organs continue their development.

    13th week - the length of the fetus is about 7.5 cm. The pens and legs are already well developed.

    continues its specialization in all organs and systems. The placenta begins to excrete female sex hormones.

    14th week - length of the fetus is about 10 cm. All internal organs continue their development. On the surface of the skin appears fluffy, which plays a protective role. The thyroid gland is already sufficiently formed to start producing hormones. The boys begin to develop prostate. Ovaries in future girls descend into the pelvic cavity, where they should be at birth.

    15th week - the length of the fetus is 11 cm. The child began to move actively. He can grip the handles in the fists. Hair begins to grow on the head and eyebrows, the pigment melanin, which is responsible for coloring the skin and hair, has become prominent.

    16th week - the length of the fetus is 11.6 cm. The facial muscles of the face have already formed well, so the ultrasound shows how the child frowns, smiles, etc. The bone system is quite well developed.

    17th week - the length of the fetus is 12 cm. A special type of fat begins to be deposited on the baby's body - brown fat, which has a high energy intensity. But subcutaneous fat is not yet available.

    Scientists have proved that, while in the womb, the child-rabbi hears everything that happens inside and out: music, roar, voices and mother's heartbeat.

    18th week - the length of the fetus is 14 cm. From this moment the baby hears you. He actively moves in the uterus. And can already see.

    19th week - the length of the fetus is 15 cm. The cells of the brain are actively forming. In the depth of the gums, permanent teeth begin to develop.

    20th week - the length of the fetus is 16 cm. A damp grease appears on its skin, which protects the child, including infection. Nails begin to grow on the fingers. The skin becomes thicker and more and more in structure approaches the structure of the skin of an adult.

    Week 21 - length of the fetus 18 cm. In the blood there are leukocytes, which protect the fetus from infections. The gastrointestinal tract begins to work, it is already able to digest the amniotic fluid swallowed by the baby.

    22nd week - the length of the fetus is 19 cm. On the fingers of the nails are already completely formed. The kid is very active, eager to know the world around him. This is due to more and more developing brain.

    23rd week - the length of the fetus is 20 cm. The child looks wrinkled, its skin is red. He is already able to not just put his thumb in his mouth, but also suck it. The little man is actively moving, pushing his legs. The urinary system works, the liquid that the baby swallows, is excreted in the form of urine.

    24th week - the length of the fetus is 21 cm. The child feels everything that the mother feels. His face is already quite formed.

    25th week - the length of the fetus is 22 cm. The baby has a good heartbeat. The head

    brain continues its differentiation. The child's movements become more coordinated.

    26th week - fetal length 23 cm. Fully formed eyeballs. On the body and head, hair continues to grow, eyebrows and eyelashes appear.

    27th week - the length of the fetus is 24 cm. From this moment the child, in case of premature birth, can survive, although it is still very weak, the immune system is insufficiently developed. Breathe such a newborn himself is not able to, for this it is connected to a special apparatus.

    28th week - length of fetus 25 cm. The brain is already well developed, its gyrations are also expressed.

    According to doctors, it is desirable for pregnant women to listen to classical music. As early as 1913, an outstanding psychoneurologist, Academician V.M.Bekhterev created the Committee for the Study of the Medical Action of Music. He believed that it has a positive effect on breathing, blood circulation, general condition of the body, etc.

    29th week - length of fetus 26 cm This week, the adrenal glands of the fetus begin to produce a hormone that, after transformation in the placenta, enters the mother's bloodstreamand stimulates the production of milk. All organs continue to develop.

    30th week - the length of the fetus is 27 cm. The child is already sufficiently developed, he has a good layer of subcutaneous fat. The baby already has its own biorhythm, which does not always coincide with the mother's, since when she sleeps, she is small!usually awake.

    31st week - length of fetus 28 cm. This week there was a very important event, the baby's lungs began to produce a surfactant. This substance lining the pulmonary alveoli from the inside. If it is absent, then at the first inhalation the lungs will not be able to kill. Since this week, the child's chances of survival in preterm labor are dramatically increasing.

    32nd week - the length of the fetus is 29 cm. The child distinguishes well all sounds, including the voice of the mother, which will immediately distinguish at birth from other voices.

    33rd week - length of the fetus is 30 cm. In the brain, neural connections continue to form. The baby takes a fairly stable position in the uterus.

    34th week - the length of the fetus is 32 cm. The embryonic fluff disappears. The grease is actively synthesized and covers the body of the baby with a dense layer. In the mother's blood comes a large number of hormones synthesized in the adrenal glands of the fetus.

    35th week - the length of the fetus is 33 cm. The nails are already long enough to reach the edge of the fingers.

    The third week is the length of the fetus 34 cm. The subcutaneous fat is already well developed, especially on the cheeks of the fetus.

    37th week - fetus length 35 cm. Nerve connections between neurons in the central nervous system continue to form,

    fat accumulates. In the rest the child is already practically formed and ready to be born.

    38th week - length of fetus 35 cm. The intestine of the child is filled with meconium - the original feces, which is formed as a result of digestion in the gastrointestinal tract of baby swallowed hair, epidermal cells, etc.

    39th week - length of fetus 36 cm. Pushkin's hair completely disappeared. Nails grew to the end of the nail phalanx. The child is ready to be born.

    40th week - the length of the newborn is 41 cm or slightly larger.