How to weave a bracelet of rubber bands on the machine and without it: ways for beginners and not only

  • How to weave a bracelet of rubber bands on the machine and without it: ways for beginners and not only

    Weaving bracelets from small rubber bands came to us from America, this is a very young kind of needlework, but despite this, it has already gained popularity. To braid such bracelets, whole sets are sold that contain elastic bands, a hook and a machine, as well as buckles. Here are some examples of how these jewelry look:

    Next, there will be several master classes on how to weave a bracelet of rubber bands.

    Master class for the simplest basic method( but with a machine tool)

    In order to weave such a miracle, you will need elastic bands, a machine tool and a hook. In each set for creating such bracelets there is an instruction to the machine, install it.

    Select the elastic band of the desired color and set it diagonally on the pegs, beginning with the first in the middle row.

    Now take the second rubber band of another shade and also put it on the pegs diagonally, but so that its beginning was where the end of the first gum is.

    Continue the same steps, using the desired colors of the rubber bands, until you reach the end of the machine. Should be a zigzag.

    Turn the machine upside down so that the rubber bands are on the right hand, so it will be easier to work with them.

    Take the hook and hook the second rubber on the machine as shown in the photo.

    Now put this elastic on the same peg to which it is stretched. The first rubber band should be between the second.

    Do the same with each next elastic, it should look like this:

    Take the buckle that comes in the set, and hook it on the rubber band.

    Carefully remove all the rubber bands from the machine and stretch the bracelet.

    Put the loose end of the jewelry on the buckle and admire the new bracelet.

    This method is perfect for beginners, it can easily and quickly create a bright accessory.

    Master class for making a bracelet "Fishtail"( without a machine tool)

    If you want to weave a thicker bracelet made of rubber bands, then this method of weaving is ideal. To create such a bracelet you can do without a machine using the mini-frame. Take the elastic band and put it on the frame as a figure eight.

    On top, put one more, but not eight.

    Now in the same way we put on the third elastic band.

    Take the hook and grab the bottom elastic on one side.

    Raise this rubber band upwards so that it is between the frame horns.

    In the same way we catch this elastic on the other side and move it to the middle.

    We put on the next elastic band.

    We catch the lowest elastic band and move it to the middle, as in the previous case.

    Continue weaving the bracelet exactly the same way until it's the required length.

    Fasten the buckle to the ends of the bracelet, it is usually included in the kit. Extra pruning then pull.

    The extra ring that formed on the other side can be cut off.

    The bracelet is ready.

    Similarly, this bracelet can be weaved on a fork. The only thing to consider, with a fork bracelet, you sometimes need to remove it using a hook, the photo details when and how to do it.

    Master class on the creation of the bracelet "Scale of the Dragon"

    Another interesting kind of weaving is the scales of the dragon, these bracelets look much wider than all the previous ones.

    Take three elastic bands and put them on the machine as shown in the photo.

    Now between 1 and 2 erasers, put one more in the form of an eight, between 2 and 3 do exactly the same.

    Use the hook to pick up the edge of the top rubber band so that it is held on the first peg and on the orange band.

    Repeat the same with all the elastic bands in a row.

    Again, put on a new layer of rubber bands of the first color. With the help of a hook, remove the first layer of gum, they will just hang on the upper bands that connect the two rows. Repeat all the steps, with each taken off the bracelet will become longer.

    When the desired length is typed, secure the buckle first from one side. This should be the extreme rubber bands, and also the connection of three in the center.

    Fasten the second end of the bracelet on the buckle, everything is ready.

    Some of these baubles can be weaved without a machine, on their fingers. For those who do not understand the principles of creating such bracelets, there is a video.

    Triple fishtail:

    And also several more options: