How to pickle a fern: edible varieties of fern and video materials on how to properly collect a fern

  • How to pickle a fern: edible varieties of fern and video materials on how to properly collect a fern

    How to pickle the fern? Today we will teach you this. In nature, there are more than 10,000 species of fern. Dishes from the fern are very popular in the eastern cuisine, especially in Japan. Salted fern can now be found in our stores, and in shops where they sell Korean pickles.

    And in what way do salt ferns at home?

    How the fern looks like

    There are only two edible species of fern. This kind of fern is easy to distinguish from all other species, since it does not form bushes. His leaves grow one by one and they are bound only under the ground by a long rhizome.

    The leaves of the fern are very large, the petioles at the base are black and very stiff. The fern of the fern is called rachis, and the leaf is called vayya. In translation, "Vayya" is a palm branch. A very accurate title. The leaves of the fern really resemble palm leaves.

    Rahis ferns, harvested in early spring, are used for food when the leaf has not yet opened and is folded into a snail. Shoots of the rachis are broken off at the very ground. In the raw form, the fern shoots are poisonous, so they either boil or salt.

    Picking the eagle with your own hands

    For pickling the fern, take a jar or barrel lined with a plastic bag. The bottom is covered with salt, then put the fern, then again salt and so on. The top layer should be made of salt. Above put oppression. Calculation of salt is as follows: 10 kg of fern goes 4 kg of salt.

    After three weeks, the brine is drained, and the fern is transferred to another barrel in the same way, but the salt is taken much less. For 10 kg of fern - 1 kg of salt. And again put under oppression for three weeks.

    For the third salting brine is prepared: 10 liters of water - 1 kg of salt. Fern is poured with brine and left for another three weeks. Salted fern is boiled several times in water to remove excess salt.

    Fern ostrich feather

    This is another kind of edible fern. It looks like a fern habitual to us, but very powerful, sometimes grows to two meters. He also differs in the form of a bush. The leaves grow in a circle from the rhizome, which looks like an onion.

    Salt in the fern ostrich feather is also a rachis, but collect them when the snail has already begun to unfold. The method of salting is the same as that of the eagle.

    To taste, the eagle and the ostrich feather are very different. If the eagle with its taste qualities resembles mushrooms, then the ostrich feather is more like a cauliflower.

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