• How to rinse your nose with a baby - washing your nose in children

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    All parents, unfortunately, face such a nuisance as a runny nose in their child. Its nature can be very diverse: allergic, viral, etc., but the way to fight it is the same. The best way to cope with this ailment is to wash the nose.

    How can I do this? First, be prepared for the fact that the baby will become capricious and will have to be persuaded. It is quite difficult to do this to very young children, who can not explain that this procedure is carried out for their benefit. They can start to turn away, cry and close the spout with their hands. At this point it is advisable that someone help someone, keep and distract the baby. Older children, realizing that washing significantly facilitates their breathing and seeing that in this procedure there is nothing terrible, they allow mother to carry it out and even be able to do it themselves.

    How do I wash my nose with a baby? First of all, it depends on the age of the baby. Let us consider in more detail different situations.

    Rinse of the nasal infant

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    How to clean the nose of the baby

    For this procedure, you need to put the baby on the back and drip into his nose in turn, using a pipette, the prepared drops. This can be warm boiled water or a decoction of herbs, for example, chamomile. Further all the mucus must be pumped out of the nostrils with the help of an ordinary pear. Of course, this is not the most ideal way of washing, because a child swallows some of the mucus, but, nevertheless, it is better at least to wash your nose so than not to take any measures at all.

    Rinsing the nose of an older child

    Nasal flushing

    There are two ways to do this. In the first case, the mother takes an active part, in the second the child does everything on his own. You can wash the nose of the baby with saline solution or sea salt, or you can use special preparations for this, which are purchased at the pharmacy.

    Please note! The broths of medicinal herbs: chamomile, sage, calendula, eucalyptus or St. John's wort are very good at a cold.

    In the first case it is necessary to carry out the procedure in the bathroom. The child should bend over and open his mouth properly, then stick out the tongue, after which the mother, typing the necessary solution into the rubber bulb, gently pours her contents into the child alternately in both nostrils. The liquid along with the mucus should pour out through the mouth of the child or through another nostril.


    After the procedure, it is necessary that the baby blows his nose well.

    For a child to independently perform the procedure, it is necessary that he takes a wash solution in his hands, then inhales this liquid with a nose and spits it out with his mouth. After this, it is also necessary to blow your nose carefully.

    Nasal Moisturizers


    As mentioned earlier, there are special means for washing the nose. Here are some of them:

    Dolphin. In the package of this product there is a device for washing the nose and the therapeutic powder itself, which is crystals, specially evaporated from the ocean water. Additionally, this powder contains: extracts of licorice and dogrose, which help to remove inflammation;sodium chloride and iodine, disinfecting and killing bacteria;numerous trace elements, helping to moisten the mucosa and improve it. This dry mixture is diluted in ordinary boiled water, preheated to room temperature. The washing device itself is a plastic bottle inside which a special tube is placed, a lid with a dispenser is attached to it, allowing it to fit snugly enough to the nose, which allows increasing the washing efficiency.

    This drug is suitable both for the treatment of diseases of the throat and nose, and for the prevention of development of those.

    Please note! It is important to remember that each family member must have a separate flushing bottle in order to reduce the risk of new infections.


    Aquamaris. This drug is specifically designed for children. Contains sterilized and specially prepared sea water. Helps to combat allergies and runny nose caused by bacteria or viruses.

    Please note! Aquamaris can be assigned to children from the very first day of their life.

    The medicine must be injected or digested into each nostril. The drug can be used in the amount required by the situation. Excess liquids are removed from the nose with a handkerchief or cotton wool.

    Akvalor .Contains substances that help alleviate the common cold, including very small infants. It removes the swelling of the nose and significantly facilitates breathing, struggles with crusts, significantly reduces the risk of many viral colds. The bottle of the preparation is equipped with a convenient tip, which facilitates the procedure.

    Please note! The plus is that this product can be used for pregnant or lactating women.

    Rinsing your nose at home is pretty simple. The main thing is to properly observe the whole procedure, and also to select the necessary solution for washing, and then the efficiency will be guaranteed.