• Dandruff

    Dandruff can be dry and oily. With dry dandruff skin scales are similar to white dust, which easily falls off when combing. With oily dandruff, scales in the form of large flakes are saturated with fat and sit tightly on the skin.

    To varying degrees, dandruff is associated with the activity of the fungus Malassezia Furfur and seborrhea.

    Malassezia Furfur fungus is part of the normal scalp flora. Under certain conditions, it is activated, and dandruff appears. Therefore fungus Malassezia Furfur is called conditionally pathogenic.

    Seborrhea - a disease of the scalp, characterized by increased salobration and a change in the quality of the sebaceous secret( it loses its bactericidal properties).Seborrhea intensifies the appearance of dandruff, as the fungus Malassezia Furfur feeds on fats.

    Reasons for the formation of dandruff:

    improper hair care( frequent use of a hair dryer, improperly selected shampoo, too strong a styling product), as well as constant contamination of hair;

    malnutrition, including lack of vitamins A and C;

    overstrain, lack of sleep;

    hormonal imbalance( especially in adolescence);

    endocrine, gastrointestinal, genetic diseases;

    chronic diseases;

    weakened immunity;

    various skin diseases( psoriasis, etc.).

    Treatment of

    In light cases, to eliminate dandruff yourself, you can use such procedures:

    For normal and mixed hair

    1. In a glass, pour 200 g of warm boiled water into it to dissolve 6 tablets of aspirin.

    2. Comb the hair with a massage brush.

    3. Wash your head with an ordinary shampoo.

    4. Wet damp hair with aspirin solution, rubbing the mixture into the scalp. To sustain 15 minutes.

    5. Rinse hair with water.

    For dry hair

    1. On dry, dirty hair, more precisely - on the area near the roots, rubbing into the skin, apply balm for the care of the scalp.

    2. Wet the towel in hot water. Then wring out the towel and wrap it in hair. To sustain 20 minutes.

    3. Wash the head with shampoo against dandruff.

    4. Hair rinse with infusion of herbs - chamomile, sage or linden.

    For oily hair

    1. Hair comb.

    2. Wash your head with shampoo for greasy hair.

    3. Take a small amount of shampoo, rub it in the palms of your hands, apply to damp hair, massage your scalp.

    4. Wash your hair with warm water, which is added with lemon juice( 1 tablespoon of juice for 1 liter of water).

    If dandruff emerged as a result of improper hair care, in order to get rid of the hated white flakes on the hair, it is enough to wash your head with a special dandruff shampoo for a certain time. This shampoo is almost every manufacturer, it can be purchased at any store. When buying shampoo, pay attention to the fact that your hair type is also taken into account, for example, "Shampoo for dandruff for oily hair."However, ordinary dandruff shampoo helps only with the initial stages of the disease and it can be applied by the course, but not more than 2-3 weeks.

    Instead of anti-dandruff shampoo, you can continue to wash your head with the usual shampoo, adding the tea tree oil( 30 drops of oil to 200 ml of shampoo) into it - this will soothe the skin, reduce itching.

    The therapeutic effect has an aqueous solution of ammonia and borax. Prepared "lotion" is used daily( preferably in the evening) to wipe the scalp and hair. Components should be taken in this proportion:

    ammonia - 1 tbsp.a spoon;

    borax - 0.5 tbsp.spoons;

    water - 2 tbsp.spoons

    Treatment with beer

    1. Required: 1 glass of beer, 1 tbsp.l.tincture of the motherwort, 1 tbsp.l.tinctures of calendula, 1 tbsp.l.castor oil.

    Method of preparation. Mix herbal tinctures with castor oil and beer.

    How to use. With this mixture, wipe the scalp to cleanse the skin and remove dandruff 2-3 times a week.

    2. Required: 2 cups of beer, 1 tbsp.l.leaves of nettle dioecious, 1 tbsp.l.herb Leonurus, 1 tbsp.l.leaves of mother-and-stepmother.

    Method of preparation. Plant the plants and brew 1 glass of hot beer. Allow to brew for 20 minutes, strain, wring out the remaining raw material after the infusion.

    How to use. Obtain a strong infusion rinse your head. If the scalp is strongly irritated, use infusion for lotions, apply them 2-3 times a week after washing your head.

    3. Required: 250 ml of beer, 100 g roots of burdock, 3 liters of water.

    Method of preparation. Dry ground roots of burdock fill with boiling water, put on medium heat and boil for 10-15 minutes. When the water boils, remove the pan from the fire and cool, strain through 1-2 layers of gauze. Add the beer and lightly heat the mixture.

    How to use. The resulting infusion rinse washed hair.

    If you have dandruff or worse, it is necessary to seek help from a trichologist in a medical center. In severe cases, if the causes that caused dandruff are inside the body, without consulting a trichologist, you can not do. Only a doctor, after conducting a full diagnosis, will be able to diagnose you and prescribe the right treatment.

    For external treatment of dandruff, you will be recommended medicines( more often - antifungal) such as Nisoral from Johnson &Johnson.

    Of the more expensive pharmacy products against dandruff, you can call shampoo Dercos Shampooing Dermatologique Antipellicu-laire from Vichy.

    In addition to medical shampoos in the treatment of dandruff can be used medicinal ointments, lotions, foam conditioners and tonic-sprays for dandruff.

    Physiotherapy methods for the treatment of dandruff apply cryomassage with liquid nitrogen and darsonvalization.