Salad Recipe with Squid and Cucumber: How to Cook How to Choose the Right Squid in a Store

  • Salad Recipe with Squid and Cucumber: How to Cook How to Choose the Right Squid in a Store

    Squids in cooking are known for a long time. Especially popular squid have, of course, in coastal countries: Italy, Japan, Korea. But gradually the squid spread their tentacles across all countries and continents.

    Squids dried, boiled, fried, soups made and stuffed. But most often, of course, squid is used in salads. And this is quite understandable. Squids do not have a "fish" taste and are perfectly combined with other products.

    Most often squid in a salad can be seen in the neighborhood with cucumber and boiled eggs. If you are interested in how to prepare a salad with squids and cucumbers, we will give you the recipe now.

    How to choose fresh squid

    The first rule is that squid must necessarily be frozen( believe, defrosted, that is, already squashed squid - will be bitter and creep away when cooking, it is essentially a marriage - as storage conditions are violated).

    The second rule is that squid carcasses should not be stuck together, and should be easily separated from one another( this confirms that after packing, the briquette did not unfreeze).

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    The carcase covering the carcass can be of different colors: from gray-pink to violet. Color, as well as the size of the squid, depends on the age and habitat( that is, at what time of year and in what sea the clam was caught).And then - attention - the rule of the third - meat under the film should be only white.

    Look carefully at the color of the protein itself. Sometimes sellers spread a few squid carcasses on a display case. After a while, because the temperature of the display case is usually much higher than that of the freezer, the squid is thawed.

    Meat absorbs all the color from the film covering it, the taste changes, the appearance - too. And they do not change for the better.

    Sometimes unscrupulous sellers send the spoiled squids back into the freezer. Therefore, carefully take a closer look at the purchase.

    Squids are usually packaged in briquettes. In each briquette - 11 kilograms of squid. In the whole box - three briquettes, and accordingly 33 kg of squid.

    I think you will not be mistaken if you ask to separate the squid carcasses directly from the briquette. And if the seller refers to the fact that "he does not tear off a whole squid briquette" - quietly refuse to purchase, and buy the necessary in another place.

    Ingredients for salad with squid with cucumber

    You will need: 2 medium squid, 2 small cucumbers, medium-sized onions and two tablespoons of mayonnaise.

    Preparation of a salad with squid and cucumber

    First, it is necessary to prepare all the ingredients. Frozen squids fill with steep boiling water and clean.

    Then boil the squid. Cooking squids need 3 minutes in boiling water. To do this, put a pot of salt water, add to it a bay leaf and a pair of fragrant peppercorns. As soon as the water boils, lower the squid into it, after 3 minutes, pull it out. Wait until the water boils again, and cook the second squid. Wash squid washed well with cold water.

    Cut the cooled calamari into thin strips.

    Cut the onion into thin half rings, add a little salt, fold into a bowl and mash. Let the onion stand and rinse it with cold water, allow the liquid to drain. This will remove the sharp taste and smell of onions, which can kill the delicate taste of squid.

    Cucumbers carefully washed, dried and cut into thin strips.

    Put all the ingredients in a bowl and mix together with mayonnaise.

    You can make your own changes to this recipe. For example, a very interesting taste has a salad with pickled cucumbers. In the salad you can add boiled eggs, corn or green peas. You can use several seafood, for example, to squid add shrimp.

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