• The secret of a minimal wardrobe

    The question of how many clothes you need to have in the wardrobe is quite interesting. Learn to replenish your wardrobe with the right things. Create the necessary minimum of things that you can easily combine with each other and thus create different costumes. We present you the option of a minimal set of clothes for all sorts of life situations.

    1. Outer clothing: a raincoat or jacket, a demi season coat, a winter coat( or modern variations).

    2. Universal suit( classic style or more fashionable version): jacket, vest, jacket, skirt and trousers of the same material and color, or well combined. The jacket can be any color, any cut, but it is necessary to suit you.

    3. Universal dress( plain or fine fabric, fitted in a figure, closed, plus or minus knee length).

    4. Several blouses: one - elegant, casual, strict cut;the second is freer, for example, sports style;the third - the weekend, the evening, for example extravagant or romantic. Blouses will always remain truly feminine details of the toilet.

    5. Knitted things are an integral part of modern wardrobe. A warm, preferably one-color sweater or knitted double( jacket with a jumper or a vest with a jumper) of classic style, a T-shirt you will always need.

    6. Straight dark skirt. Sew it yourself or in the studio, taking into account the features of your figure. The length of the skirt is determined taking into account that it can be worn on solemn occasions and on weekdays.

    7. Dress for a special occasion( evening).The classic version is a small black dress with a tight silhouette. With the help of jewelry and various accessories, it can be turned into a very chic outfit.

    8. Trousers( free or sport style).In modern fashion magazines, you can find various models of trousers that will help to hide your shortcomings and emphasize virtues. Classic version - straight, slightly narrowed to the bottom of the trousers. It is desirable that there are jeans in the wardrobe, which can be successfully carried both on vacation, at work in the garden, etc.

    Practice shows that this list should be at the heart of the wardrobe, but not necessarily limited to them. You can create your own list of non-

    items that you need, but we recommend that you include the minimal wardrobe in it and add items based on your needs.