• Tonal means

    Toning means are designed to hide the skin's flaws and make it smooth and beautiful.

    Modern toners , if they are of high quality, do not clog pores, allow the skin to breathe, have moisturizing and protective properties. This is ensured by the fact that tonal means of reputable companies have a light and delicate structure, without creating a plaster effect on the skin. Types of tonal funds To voice-frequency agents include foundation, creams, cream-powder, friable and compact powders, masking pencils and compact foundation creams. They consist of fat, water( or moisturizing substances), powder and pigments. The presence of these substances can be learned by reading the composition of the tonal product on the package.

    The tonal means differ in consistency, on which the degree of their transparency depends and the ability to mask skin imperfections.

    Light and liquid toners contain a lot of fat and water, but little powder and pigments, so they slightly hide the flaws on the skin. To light and liquid tonal remedies are:

    liquid basis, or fluid( English "fluid").Contains little color and therefore looks transparent, and therefore, natural. The fluid has good density, it rests remarkably on the skin and lasts for a long time, enriching it with moisture, making it more matte, smoothing the complexion and increasing the elasticity of the skin. But he does not mask all the imperfections of the skin of the face;

    tonal foam.

    Like fluid, it contains very little paint, covers the skin with an inconspicuous layer, leveling and protecting it. Unlike the liquid base, which has a creamy texture, the tonal foam is more light in consistency. This is the only remedy that is suitable for all skin types;

    light day cream. This is a normal day cream containing covering pigments. Like liquid products, it has a light consistency, that is, it does not mask, but smooths the unevenness of the skin. Contains nutritional supplements;Masking cream. Produced in tubes of 10-15 ml and resembles a foundation for face. The difference between them is that the masking cream has a more fluid and delicate texture. Most often masking cream is used to hide defects on the skin around the eyes;

    concealer. This is the name of any cosmetic product that allows you to hide skin defects: circles under the eyes, pigment spots, dilated vessels, pimples.

    Dense compact or creamy tonal products contain a lot of powder and pigments, respectively, they hide the skin imperfections much better.

    To more dense tonal means are:

    thick nourishing foundation. Contains a lot of fat, water, nutritional supplements and vitamins. It covers the skin with a fairly dense layer, hides roughness, red spots and spots;

    foundation powder or compact primer. They represent a combination of compact foundation and powder. They have good masking ability. Easily and effectively applied with a sponge and permanently give the skin opacity.

    a tonal compact powder or tonal loose powder contains more covering pigments and powders and less fat than other tonal remedies. They cover the skin with a uniform dense layer, do not accumulate around the pores, smoothly smooth out the roughness and hide other flaws, making the skin color of the face more tender. Apply after a day cream with a sponge or puff;

    camouflage pencils( sold in the form of lipstick) and proofreaders( in the form of a felt-tip pen) have the properties of a primer and because of their density they have a strong cosmetic effect. Pencils and proof-readers are very convenient and practical for masking small skin imperfections: scars, freckles, acne, spots and roses of blood vessels. When choosing a masking pencil, give preference to the most fat and gentle;

    compact tonal cream - stick( outwardly resembles an enlarged tube of lipstick).Contains relatively much water and fat, so unlike a masking pencil suitable for wide strokes on the face. This is the most dense in structure tonal with a lot of pigment. Well hides noticeable small flaws.

    How to choose a tone tool

    Before buying a tonal tool, ask the seller to give you a sampler( a small amount of each tonal product in the individual sachet).Test them at home in daylight. Apply tonal remover on an unpainted face, for example, by making a few strokes on the cheek. Wait 10 minutes. Almost any tonal remedy during this time will darken a little.

    The result of the test should choose the appropriate tone,

    based on the fact that the color of the tonal product should be as close as possible to the color of your skin. Take into account: slightly yellowish tonal funds are suitable for skin of any shade.

    If you do not have the opportunity to test the tonal remedy on your skin, at least attach a bottle to your face - it's faster than you co-orient, but the result will, of course, be less accurate than you would test the remedy on the skin.

    For normal skin, there will be enough day cream, enriched with pigments and containing nutritional supplements. It will give the skin a gentle shade.

    For oily skin, liquid tonal products are best. They contain little fat, but a lot of very fine powder. It absorbs excess sebum from the surface of the skin.

    For dry and sensitive skin, tone creams that contain relatively much fat and water, as well as nutritional supplements, such as vitamins A and E, are perfect. You can use cosmetics with hyaluronic acid, it retains moisture for a long time in the skin.

    Very dry skin with scaly patches is not the best basis for toning. In such cases, a greasy cream is applied, applied to the face in circular movements from the bottom up, then, after waiting 5 minutes, use a light moisturizer. It should be rubbed into the skin with light patting movements. Now the skin is saturated, and it can be covered with an even layer of a tonal product containing relatively much fat and water, as well as nutritional supplements and hyaluronic acid.

    For inflamed skin with large pores and pimples, friable tonal powder or compact powder, which can easily hide uneven places, is best.

    For mature skin it is better to use liquid foundation creams, preparations with chitin or wheat proteins - they strengthen the tissues and make mature skin more elastic and resistant to external influences. When buying tonal products, give preference to those that contain silicone - such a means evenly lie down and perfectly slip over the skin.