• Test "make the right choice"

    To change work, which has ceased to please, few will take a risk, especially if it is well paid. To avoid disappointment, pass this test. It will help you to understand which profession you have inclinations, because you can only succeed in your favorite business.

    1. Imagine that the world has arisen today and all professions have been claimed. You:

    a) engage in agriculture or the manufacture of essentials;B) help people, consoled, treated them, taught children;C) would introduce order in this world.

    2. In your spare time, you like most:

    a) do something;

    b) gather friends and organize cultural trips to the cinema, theater, club or nature;C) fiddle with children and animals.

    3. Turn your passion into a profession:

    a) great idea: it's great to have fun all the time;

    b) quite difficult, but you would be happy to find something to their liking;

    c) is impossible: one thing is entertainment, quite another - business and daily duties.

    4. Someday to open your small business. ..

    a) it's not for you, you would prefer to work in a well-known company;

    b) want, but you think that it is incredibly difficult with a profession like yours;

    c) you already dream about it and will open it necessarily when you have more experience.

    5. School disciplines and tasks that were given to

    with great difficulty:

    a) physics, algebra, geometry - you did not remember formulas well;

    b) literature, especially essays on a free subject and presentation;

    c) these were not: you have done well in all subjects.

    6. Is it important for you to have a prestigious profession?

    a) Yes, you have repeatedly imagined how great your business card will look: name, and next - the name of the profession;

    b) no, prestige does not matter to you, the main thing is that the work brings joy;

    c) not very much: you are convinced that success can be achieved in any business.

    7. Imagine yourself in ten to fifteen years at your workplace. You:

    a) in your personal account - concentrate on studying documents, writing or doing calculations;

    b) in the conference hall - put forward constructive ideas in front of a group of employees;

    c) in a large room - surrounded by people, answer their questions and give them advice.

    8. Work in a state institution:

    a) Reliable and stable, but very poorly paid;B) it is an opportunity to acquire valuable professional experience;

    c) completely devoid of any prospects in terms of career.

    9. Remember that in childhood you especially liked:

    a) play in a hospital or in a school;

    b) build something with the help of a designer, add puzzles;C) to rule in mobile games.

    10. If you needed to earn additional money

    , you would have:

    a) type texts on the computer, write for someone control and coursework, diplomas;

    b) care for young children, give private lessons, work behind the counter of the store;

    c) work as a secretary, in a library, registry, archive or in a warehouse - where you need to keep everything in perfect order.

    11. In your organizer, you have already drawn up a plan:

    a) for tomorrow;B) for the next week;C) for months ahead.

    12. Long years of study at the university. ..

    a) are in vain: working, you have to learn everything anew;

    b) justify themselves: we create a platform for our own prosperous future;

    c) should be halved and as much time as possible devoted not to theory, but practice.

    13. In your opinion, it is best to work where:

    a) the amount of salary corresponds to the level of workload;

    B) there is a real opportunity for professional growth;

    c) the team has a healthy atmosphere, employees prefer to work, and not to weave intrigues.

    Calculate which figures predominate in your answers, and find out which profession suits you:

    Most of the squares. Entrepreneurship and business.

    Your vocation is to lead people and achieve order in everything that surrounds you. And you will be able to distribute responsibilities and lead everyone to your goal. You have so many ideas that you can not wait to implement them in practice. To your talent as an organizer and abilities to think outside the box, you will still find use, but try not to overestimate your strength until you gain experience. If you dream of working in a certain company, try to get settled there. You are unlikely to be taken to a serious position, but working as a secretary, you will learn a lot of useful things, and it will come in handy when you begin to storm career heights or open your business.

    Most of the circles. Science and technology.

    As a little girl, you surprised everyone with assiduity, and it will come in handy if you choose a profession that requires in-depth study of questions and long preparation. The work of a scientific or technical nature is suitable for you. But, in order to devote oneself to research, keep in mind that it is difficult to achieve rapid success in this field. Be patient, and it is possible that you will still receive a Nobel Prize for your discovery or patent a useful invention. Do you doubt that you will achieve this? So, when choosing a university, consider several variants of professions that you like. Nothing terrible will happen, if later you will have to make minor amendments.

    Most of the triangles. Reasonable, kind, eternal.

    You are created for work with people: look for yourself in medicine, pedagogy, jurisprudence, journalism. In all that you become engaged in, you will be able to make a note of humanity, which is valued in such work almost on par with professional qualities. But keep in mind that "ordinary" professions are now experiencing a crisis, so decide on the specialization as early as possible. If you do not, in the future, you will have to make a lot of efforts to be appreciated. Do you have a hard time imagining yourself in a particular profession? Analyze what affects your choice: literature, movies, the desire to imitate friends, family traditions or yet the call of the soul.