• Hair Care Tips

    Regardless of the season, keep your hair clean. Make sure your hair is always in order. However, at the same time try to use a small amount of funds for styling and less often use a hairdryer. Avoid frequent hair coloring and chemical dressing, as they can damage your hair. All kinds of hot styling( hair dryer, curlers, curling iron, ironing, etc.) are harmful to the hair. Before using them, use thermal protective agents - shampoos, balms, sprays.

    Do not cut more often than 1 time in 4-5 weeks - more frequent haircuts can cause the hair to loosen and fall out.

    When buying any hair remedy, check the availability of instructions on it in Russian. If it is not available, it is possible that the goods have not passed the appropriate control, and it is better to refuse such a purchase. If the label on the Russian language translated everything except the composition, it should also alarm: for sure the producers want something to hide.

    While on the street, try not to let rain( snow, snow) get on your hair, as this water can be heavily polluted by industrial emissions.

    Protect hair from chlorinated water in the pool, hot air in the sauna or bath, ultraviolet rays of the sun and solarium - all these factors dry your hair. Therefore, wear appropriate headgear if you are swimming, are in a sauna or sunbathing.

    Long hair owners are encouraged to alternate loose hair with any styling. So, by releasing the hair, you give them the opportunity to relax from the tension in which they are staying, being put in a hairdo. And, conversely, after a long stay of hair in a loose form it will be nice to tie a tail or twist a "snail" - this will reduce the load on the scalp and you will not feel the weight of the hair.

    If you use hairpins, carefully approach their choice. Give up the hairpins with metal teeth - these hairpins strongly injure the hair.

    Instead of pins, it is better to use cloth soft gum or wooden oriental sticks. Use invisible devices as rarely as possible.

    If you carry a parting, then periodically change its location. Otherwise, over time, it is in this place that you can substantially thin out your hair.

    Hairpieces, artificial braids and especially a wig are harmful to the hair. As little as possible, resort to their use.

    During pregnancy, and also during the period of breastfeeding, do not make a chemical and dye your hair with chemical dyes. Scientists believe that these drugs, penetrating through the skin into the body of a woman, can harm a child. In addition, pregnant women are more susceptible to smells, and during hairdressing procedures, these drugs with their sharp "flavors" can provoke unwanted reactions in the future mother. If it became necessary to lightly color your hair, use scoring tonics or quickly washable hair dye.

    To ensure that your hair is in order, eat enough protein products( lean meat, fish, dairy products), fruits and vegetables. From fats, give preference to vegetable oils. Black bread and sunflower seeds are useful.