• Removal of moles

    Not all pigmented formations, unlike warts, need to be removed. Many of them are subject to dynamic observation. However, if the mole causes discomfort, is in the place of permanent trauma or with it "bad changes" occur - it must be eliminated.

    It is strictly forbidden to remove birthmarks on your own! Before surgical intervention, you should always consult an oncologist or oncologist.

    To remove moles apply the same methods as for removing warts. The resulting material is sent for histological examination.

    The most preferred method of removing moles is laser destruction. The procedure gives a good cosmetic effect, minimizes blood loss, prevents possible metastasis of the birthmark, allows you to store the material for histological examination. The laser also removes pigment spots.

    After the procedure, the client is given a reminder how to take care of the skin at this site in the near future.

    Beautiful face - is not that every woman dreams about? Young girls, who are attractive because of their age, often do not appreciate their appearance. Moreover, they tend to over-dramatize everything and the main causes of failure in life are the shortcomings of their own skin.

    Fortunately, modern methods of rejuvenation can really turn the clock back - at least, within the exterior. To date, there are many methods of rejuvenation - microdermabrasion, chemical peelings, laser rejuvenation, acupuncture, etc. In addition, at home, you can independently do face massage, use anti-aging creams and masks. With regular use of such drugs give a good effect.

    In the next part of our discussion we will discuss such an unpleasant cosmetic defect as bags and dark circles under the eyes. Since they can appear at any age, it will be useful for you to know how to deal with them. Moreover, much you can do at home.

    However, competent skin care is only half the battle. In order to have a beautiful and young skin, you need to carefully monitor the health of the whole body, to lead a healthy lifestyle.

    Remember that we are getting old:

    work without days off and almost without rest;

    bad habits, and especially smoking;

    stress and inability to fight it;

    lack of sleep;

    unbalanced diet, including low-calorie diets;

    lack of physical activity;

    inadequate exposure to fresh air.

    And one more nuance. To really become attractive, it is not enough to "make" yourself a young face and remove all cosmetic imperfections. It is necessary. .. to become happy! And then you will really shine, fascinating everyone with their cheerfulness and optimism. Do not be afraid of change and make your life the way you really want to see it!

    What does cosmetology offer us today?

    Microdermabrasion This is the type of peeling that allows you to remove the top layer of skin cells by grinding it. The procedure is carried out by a special apparatus using small crystals of aluminum oxide.

    Microdermabrasion allows you to eliminate fine wrinkles, align fine scars, remove small retracted scars and "old spots" on the skin, caused by the influence of sunlight. Usually it is recommended to pass at least 10%

    . If you ignore the doctor's instructions,

    may appear after treatment, the development of infection and the process of scarring.