How to brew goji berries - methods of preparation

  • How to brew goji berries - methods of preparation

    Fighting excess weight can be not only difficult and long, but also pleasant. Proof of this is served by a variety of teas with unusual exotic tastes that contribute to the cleansing of the body and help to reduce the amount of fat accumulation. One of the most popular products in recent years are goji berries.

    What are

    The Chinese call these berries ninsia goutsi, that is, the Niesian dernia. The name "goji" came to us through the English language, and the plant itself is often called "wolf berries".Here there is confusion, since "wolfberry" in the folk tradition is the collective name of numerous shrubs, giving berries, mostly completely non-toxic. The only deadly "wolfberry" is the fruit of an amazingly beautiful plant under the equally attractive name Daphne.

    Berries of goji bush

    Berries of the common tree from the Nightshade family are edible and since ancient times used in Chinese folk medicine as a powerful stimulating, revitalizing and rejuvenating remedy. They are used in fresh and dried form, brewed like tea, and eaten soaked. Thanks to good advertising, the glory of these berries has spread widely around the globe. They are considered a panacea for all diseases and an excellent means for losing weight. As for the panacea, you can say for sure that goji is not her, but they can help you lose weight. Only every sensible person, using these berries, should understand that if he will lie on the couch all day without limiting himself in high-calorie food, the effect will not just be zero, it will be the opposite.

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    Please note! When observing reasonable restrictions in nutrition and increasing mobility, taking goji berries can stimulate the body, forcing it to get rid of fatty deposits. Otherwise, the only way to lose weight on these berries is to eat exclusively them.

    Action on the human body

    You can eat dry

    Since these berries often come to us in dry form, many people have a question how to brew goji berries. The uniqueness of these berries is that you can eat them as your heart desires. Berries are quite suitable for food, like dried fruits, for example, dates. This is a great tool when you need to literally snack on the go. Instead of high-calorie nuts and especially sweet rolls with hamburgers, you can eat a handful of goji berries. And it is useful, and nourishing enough, to convince the stomach not to riot until a full meal.

    As for the brewing of berries, it is absolutely not necessary. Goji can simply be soaked in water until soft, if you do not like the taste and consistency of dried berries. To do this, they simply pour water at room temperature and leave for a while until they take on the appearance of fresh berries. After that, excess water is drained, and berries are eaten, like any other product.

    Brewing rules

    How to brew

    Many people prefer to drink goji berries in the form of specially brewed drinks. On sale there is also goji juice, however, it can contain preservatives, and many unscrupulous sellers imitate a natural product from various foreign substances and products. Naturally, there is no benefit from such a tool - one harm. Therefore, the decision to prepare home beverages from goji can be the most faithful and rational.

    Please note! Berries can be brewed on their own or create a variety of delicious and healthy drinks based on them.

    Cooked separately goji berries in the form of broth remotely resemble a dog rose or barberry brew. He has the same light acidity and faint fruit taste.

    Goji with green tea

    It is undesirable to brew berries with steep boiling water, so if you want to mix them with black or green tea, mint, chamomile or ginger, then all the ingredients should be brewed separately. The goji itself is poured hot water in the state of a "white key", that is, at a temperature of about 90 ° C, just as it does with green tea to preserve its flavor and beneficial properties. Then the resulting beverages are drained to the desired saturation of taste. Some add to the drink lemon juice and honey.

    About the last component should be more careful, as it is quickly digested carbohydrates, and frequent drinking of such a drink can lead not to reduction, but to the growth of extra kilograms. If honey is added in symbolic quantities, only to give a little sweetness to the drink, then it can not hurt, unless, of course, you are allergic to honey and bee products.

    Can with ginger

    The easiest way to make black and green tea with goji, but you can make the drink more efficient. The best way to fat accumulation and human immunity will affect the drink from ginger and goji. For such a drink you need to separately prepare a decoction of fresh or dried ginger root, brew black tea and goji berries. When all the ingredients have reached the desired consistency, mix them in an arbitrary proportion and enjoy the unusual exotic taste and aroma of the resulting drink. It is best to drink it in the morning.

    Contraindications to ingestion

    Drink from berries of goji

    There are no direct contraindications to ingestion of goji berries. In Chinese medicine, these fruits are recommended for all ages. Do not use them only for those people who:

    • suffer from allergic reactions;
    • have an individual intolerance to these berries;
    • are prone to digestive disorders and are sensitive to new products;
    • have an excitable nervous system. Goji berries tone and excite more actively than coffee, so drink a drink and eat the berries themselves in the morning and strictly dose the number of fruits. The average daily dose for weight loss is 15-40 grams of berries, but each person must determine it for himself personally.
    • suffer from insomnia. It is necessary to consult with the attending physician.
    Goji have a toning effect

    Summing up, we can say that in most cases goji berries are a pleasant and tasty product with the ability to purify and rejuvenate the body, to tone it up. They give cheerfulness and improve mood, and this removes the level of anxiety and stress that in ordinary life most of us "jam" with delicious but harmful and high-calorie food: rolls, sweets, chocolates and other sweets. This is the most rational explanation of the fact that goji berries help many fat people to effectively lose weight.


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