• Stretching

    Extensions , or, as they are called, striae, is the result of microdamages of the skin and loose connective tissue. Stretch marks appear at the place of rupture of elastic fibers of the epidermis. These defects are strips of violet-red shade, which eventually become white. Striae are inherently scars, which do not contain pigments and therefore do not tan. Against the background of a tanned body, the white stripes become more visible. The most characteristic locations for stretch marks are the abdomen, thighs, buttocks and chest. Stretching does not pose a threat to health and is only a cosmetic problem.

    Reasons for stretch marks

    Prerequisites for the formation of striae are hormonal changes in the body. They lead to the fact that the skin loses its elasticity, becomes thinner, and this, in turn, contributes to the appearance of tears.

    Therefore, stretch marks can appear already during puberty, when hormonal changes occur. The appearance of defects is also promoted by endocrine diseases and long-term use of hormonal drugs. Very often stretch marks are a true companion of those who are rapidly gaining weight or sharply discarding it, because of what the skin does not withstand such loads and tears appear.

    Especially often striae appear during pregnancy, and more often it happens in the last trimester. After all, during this period, the stomach significantly increases, the skin on it stretches, which leads to the occurrence of subcutaneous ruptures or stretch marks. And the larger the size of the abdomen, the greater the likelihood that it will appear stretch marks. It happens that stretch marks appear in one day, becoming an unpleasant surprise for the future mother. On the chest, striae appear more often not during pregnancy, but after delivery, when milk comes and the glands sharply increase in size.

    It is much easier to prevent the appearance of stretch marks than to fight them later. Therefore, if you want your skin to not look like a zebra skin, pay great attention to the prevention of stretch marks - especially if you are expecting a baby. In addition, if the previous pregnancy did not bring you trouble - do not lose your vigilance! Without effort on your part, there is no guarantee that there will be no "surprises" in the form of strips on the body this time.

    Prevention of stretch marks:

    • Avoid sudden changes in weight, especially its strong increase;
    • watch the food ration. In addition to fruits and vegetables, the benefits of which are known to everyone, consume enough protein. It is from proteins that collagen and elastin are synthesized, responsible for the elasticity of the skin;
    • to make the skin more elastic will help the contrast shower, while you need not just stand under the sprayer, and massage with circular motions of the jet belly and other places of the alleged appearance of stretch marks;
    • taking a shower, rub your body with a stiff mitten - this will help you improve blood circulation and increase the elasticity of tissues. If you have dry and sensitive skin, then after a shower it is enough to get wet with a soft terry towel. If the skin is normal or oily, it needs to be grinded;
    • after a shower is useful massage. Perform it simply - you need to pinch the fold of the skin between the forefinger and thumb and gently pinch the stomach clockwise until the skin turns red. A plucking massage can be performed on the hips and buttocks.
    • Massage should be done daily;
    • regularly use a cream against stretch marks, applying it on a slightly damp skin after showering in a circular motion. Apply this drug should be 1-2 times a day. Pregnant women should start using the stretch marks from the 3rd month, rubbing it into the skin of the abdomen and chest.
    • If you do not have a special anti-stretch marks, you can use a regular body cream - not exactly what you need, but it's better than nothing.
    • It is very useful also to use for the prevention of stretch marks the lubrication of the skin with olive oil;
    • To prevent chest striae, starting from the 4th month of pregnancy, rub the mammary gland skin in circular motions, using a terry towel soaked in cold water. After the shower it is useful to wipe the breast with lobes of lemon. Daily try to find time to at least 5-10 minutes chest was not closed clothes - air baths are extremely useful. Regularly wear a bra - it supports the breast and does not allow it to sag;
    • for the prevention of abdominal stria, starting from the 30th week of pregnancy, wear a bandage. After birth, do not neglect the postnatal bandage, which helps the skin to return to its original state.

    Treatment of stretch marks

    At home, getting rid of the already appeared stretch marks is almost impossible. Therefore, if the streaks on the body make you sad, you'll have to go to the beauty salon. The earlier an expert learns about your problem, the easier it will be to cope with the appearance of connective tissue defects. Wrapping

    This kind of cosmetic procedure is effective only if there are fresh small stretches on the skin. In this case, algal wraps, especially spirulinoi, can lead to the complete disappearance of striae.

    Laser therapy

    If stretch marks caused by pregnancy still have a pinkish-red color and after birth have passed less than 1 year, they can be removed with a vascular laser. But if the stretch marks are already white, this method will be inconclusive.


    The microinjection method, widely used to treat cellulite, is also used to treat striae. In this case, a cocktail is used with extracts from artichoke leaves, brown algae, vitamins, etc. It takes 10-15 procedures, which help to smooth the color of defects, reduce their depth. If mesotherapy does not help to completely remove stretch marks, use the following method.

    Microdermabrasion, or micro-grinding

    Another name for this procedure is microcrystalline peeling. In this case, the skin is fed with a stream of fine abrasive particles - aluminum hydroxides. They smooth the surface of the stretch marks, smoothing it. In each case, the intensity of microdermabrasion will be different - depending on the sensitivity of the skin and the severity of the striae. After such a procedure, the skin color improves, it becomes more even with the

    .To get rid of stretch marks completely, you need to take a course consisting of several procedures. This method is absolutely safe and can be performed with any type of skin and at any age.

    Middle depth peeling

    This method is quite aggressive - fruit acids are used to remove stretch marks, which cause exfoliation, and later - skin renewal. During breastfeeding peeling medium depth can not be used - chemicals can damage a child's health.

    Microcurrent therapy

    This method allows the formation of a new connective tissue in the place of stretch marks. In order for the effect to become noticeable, it will take 10-15 procedures of microcurrent therapy. Pleasant information: this is absolutely painless.

    Plastic surgery

    It is used only if no other methods of getting rid of stretch marks help, and the client really wants to get rid of them. With abdominoplasty, the overextended skin along with the stretch marks is removed. However, if stretch marks are very large, even with this method, it is impossible to remove striae completely. In addition, complications are possible after surgery, for example, the formation of scars.