• Female mistakes in self-care

    Who does not dream of perfect porcelain leather? Of course, all women and even some men want to have perfect skin. However, despite the abundance of information, cosmetics and beauty salons, each of which is ready to deal with your problems, a very small percentage of women can boast of really beautiful skin. And even the most informed women make unforgivable mistakes, which negate all the useful procedures for caring for themselves. These errors can easily be avoided if one is aware of them.

    First, do not use too many cleansers. Do not believe your girlfriends if they say that the better the gel foams, the better it will cleanse the skin. In fact, soft skin cleansers hardly foam, and foam is a sign of the use of caustic degergants, for example, lauryl sulfate, which deprives the skin of lipids. Another common ingredient in isopril provokes acne vulgaris on the skin, dermatitis, pigmentation spots and even causes the skin to age more quickly. But soft cleansers do not contain fatty acids, do not destroy the protective barrier of the skin and can be used by girls with sensitive and dry skin. By and large, the more natural ingredients will be in your skin cleanser, the better. The main thing is that you do not have allergies to the natural components of cosmetics.

    Use exfoliating products correctly. Peelings can improve the complexion and give it radiance, they rejuvenate the skin, reducing the number of fine wrinkles. However, despite all the advantages of peelings, they should be used very carefully. If you abuse the use of scrubs, you will only harm your beauty. It is better to start using strong exfoliating remedies after thirty years. Until then, the skin itself can exfoliate obsolete cells. Also peelings can enter into day or night creams. In these creams, cells are exfoliated under the influence of enzymes and special acids. Such remedies are softer than abrasive scrubs, but if you use creams and peelings, you will injure a thin layer of renewed skin, making it coarser. And this is not quite the effect you want to achieve.

    Use creams with retinoids or vitamin A derivatives regularly. Acquire such creams is after thirty years. Their useful influence on the prevention of wrinkles is scientifically proven, and regular application is a guarantee that they will really help you.

    Too frequent visits to beauty salons can lead to back effects. Unnecessary frequent application of cosmetic procedures can dry up and deplete the skin. Therefore, visiting beauty salons should be your habit, but not a daily habit.

    Sunscreens should be used not only on the beach and not only in the summer. Even in winter, ultraviolet radiation affects your skin and leads to premature aging. Buy cosmetics with a protection of at least 15 units. In summer, use even stronger protection.

    Never go to bed with make-up on your face. Your skin will not forgive you for this and can take revenge on dermatitis, allergies and other negative manifestations. Be sure to wash yourself at night and not just with water, but use special make-up remedies suitable for your skin type.

    Always pay attention to the expiration date of cosmetics. As a rule, women are hard to part with cosmetics. Most of the funds can not be stored for more than a couple of years in a sealed condition, and if you have already used it, then this period is significantly reduced. Using cosmetics after the expiry date, you do it harm, sometimes even irreparable. If you thus try to save on cosmetics, then remember that you save on beauty and health.

    And remember the main thing: the skin needs regular and proper care of it. If you do not suffer from allergies and you do not have sensitive skin, then you do not need to buy the most expensive creams in a store or pharmacy. Beauty begins with a constant, systematic care of oneself.

    Be beautiful!