• If you want to have a thin waist

    1. The elbow is the knee. Put your feet to the width of your shoulders, feet in parallel, put your hands on the back of your head, and pull your elbows as far back as possible. From this position, for a "fold", bend low forward, strongly turning the trunk to the side, touching the elbow of the knee( right elbow of the left knee, left elbow of the right knee).Knees are straightened all the time. Simultaneously, exhale. At the "two" straighten, heavily taking his elbows back - inhale. On the "three" bend, touching the left elbow of the right knee. At the "four" straighten up. Repeat the exercise 10-20 times.

    2. Side slopes. Stand with your left side to the chair or to the couch within a few steps. With your left leg straightened at the knee, lean( foot) on the chair or sofa. On the "times" lean down, touching the fingers of your hand to the right supporting leg. At the "two" straighten up. At the "three" bend down to the left, touching the fingers of your hand to the left foot( the foot), which rests on the chair. At the "four" straighten up. Exercise repeat 5-10 times. Change your starting position, lean your right foot and do the exercise the other way as many times.

    3. Carrying the leg. Lie on your back, hands bend at the elbows, palms turn down. Bend the right leg in the knee, move to the left, strongly turning the hip, touch the knee of the floor. The left leg straighten and then return to the starting position, slowly straightening the knee. Do the same with your left foot to the right. Exercise repeat 10-15 times with each foot.

    4. Circular movements of the trunk. Put your feet shoulder width apart, your feet parallel, hands on hips. Now do the body with circular motions, first forward, then right, backward, left 3 times. Then do the exercise in the opposite direction. Repeat the exercise 5-10 times.

    5. Slow torso turns. Sit on the floor, legs spread apart, arms extend forward at shoulder level. Slowly turn the body to the left, until it fails, then just turn the body to the right as slowly. Make 6 such turns and lie on your back, completely relaxing your muscles. Repeat the series 3-4 times. Remember breathing.

    6. From lying on the side. This exercise is quite difficult, but by doing it, you immediately kill two birds with one stone: it helps to lose weight in the waist and in the hips.

    Lie down on the left side, slightly bend the left leg in the knee slightly forward, place your right foot on the left ankle. Hands bent at the elbows, rest on the floor, palm on the palm of your hand, put your forehead on your hands. From this position, "sit down", while raising your left bent arm over your head, and with your right hand grasp the ankle of your left leg. Keep your right leg straight. If you can not get your ankles right away, do not be upset. In a few days you will certainly succeed. On the "two" again lie down on your side, put your head in the palm of your hand. Remember about even breathing. Repeat the exercise first 3 times, then increase the number to 10. Change the starting position, turn over to the other side and pomuchayte 3-10 more times. Exercise not only reduces the waist and hips, but also develops flexibility. So we advise you to include it for a long time in the morning gymnastics.