• Hemorrhoids in men: symptoms and treatment, photos, signs

    A disease in which various functional disorders cause different kinds of venous expansion with the formation of vascular thrombi in the lower anal part of the rectum is called hemorrhoids.

    Hemorrhoids have ancient roots. A hundred years ago, ancient Chinese doctors described in treatises on medicine, treatment of various methods, twenty-four types of hemorrhoids.

    In any part of the globe, almost eighty percent of men are familiar with this disease.

    The development mechanism of

    To understand the mechanism of the development of the disease, it is necessary to understand the functions, structure and blood supply of the digestive tract more closely.

    The formation of hemorrhoids is caused by varicose extensions in a dense network of venous plexuses of the rectum. The anal opening represents its terminal section, where the bag-shaped expansions of venous vessels occur with the formation of convolutions and nodular glomeruli.

    The rectum is permeated with internal and external sinuous venous plexuses. The blood moves slowly through the full-blooded venous vessels, which can provoke their enlargement on separate segments and form hemorrhoidal nodular formations.

    Due to the anatomical features of venous plexuses, a large number of provocative factors can become a "trigger button" in the development of hemorrhoids.

    Causes of hemorrhoids in men

    The main factors contributing to the formation of hemorrhoids in men are:

    • hereditary predisposition;
    • duration in the delay of emptying;
    • long sedentary work and work with a long standing;
    • heavy physical work;
    • inactive life cycle;
    • of various kinds of intoxication;
    • imbalance in the diet;
    • infectious diseases;
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    Symptoms of hemorrhoids in men

    The characteristic symptoms of hemorrhoids in men manifest themselves undulating in a certain order and it is impossible to notice them.

    1. 1) In the initial stage there is a feeling of discomfort and the presence of foreign bodies in the rectum - this is the first sign of hemorrhoids.
    2. 2) The main symptom is bleeding, appears during bowel movement or as a consequence of it. Bloody discharge does not mix with the feces, but is located on top. Can come out in small drops, or a strong little stream. The duration of bloody discharge contributes to the development of anemia.
    3. 3) Complicated process is manifested by pain. This indicates inflammatory processes or signs of infringement of nodular formations, the appearance of cracks in the anus. Pain occurs with feces, and is felt after it.
    4. 4) Manifestation of itching occurs around the anus and in the perineum, it is possible the development of eczema. When combing, infections can be attached, and the development of purulent processes. This fact contributes to the development of tumor neoplasms.

    Hemorrhoids in men - photo

    To check how the initial stage of hemorrhoids looks for men, click on the spoiler. The photo shows protruding hemorrhoidal nodes of external hemorrhoids. In the initial stages, the nodes are, as a rule, retracted independently after the act of defectiveness.

    Depending on the location of hemorrhoids, the disease is divided into three types: internal localization, external and combined.

    1. 1) With internal localization, the nodular pathologies are located in the inner plexus of the veins in the form of a submucosal node.
    2. 2) External hemorrhoids are characterized by subcutaneous formations at the anus.
    3. 3) Combined, the disease is manifested by a combination of internal and external nodular formation
    The development of the disease is due to stages that reflect the level of complication.

    1. 1) The first stage - proceeds secretly and imperceptibly. Internal nodular structures have small increases. The pain does not appear. There is itching, burning around the anus, a small amount of blood. You can be treated at home with suppositories and ointments.
    2. 2) The second stage is manifested by a strong increase in external nodular formations.possibly falling out when performing a need or lifting heavy loads. Without effort self-correcting independently. Symptoms are the same as in the first stage, except for frequent bleeding.
    3. 3) In the third stage, a large expansion of the nodes causes their independent loss, without any influencing factors. Self-direction is impossible. The symptomatology is the same, except for the manifestation of permanent, severe pain in the anus.
    4. 4) The fourth stage is characterized by a constant prolapse of nodes with the pulling of fragments of intestinal mucus. Spontaneous allocation of feces is possible. A high probability of complications in the form of paraproctitis, thrombosis, anal fissures.

    Diagnostic methods

    Diagnosis of hemorrhoids in men is not difficult.

    1. 1) It begins with a thorough examination and finger examination of the state of the intestinal wall and evaluation of pathological signs.
    2. 2) To differentiate other diseases that accompany male hemorrhoids and hide under the guise of hemorrhoidal symptoms, methods of anoscopy and rectoscopy are prescribed. These methods allow assessing the state of the colon at a considerable depth from the anus, allowing to reveal early pathologies of development.
    3. 3) Colon examination by irrigoscopy is considered the most valuable, allowing to exclude, or confirm many intestinal pathologies. This method is an X-ray study of the intestine using a contrast medium.
    4. 4) An exception of the development of anemia is the data of the general blood test according to the parameters of normochromia.

    Treatment of hemorrhoids in men

    For a thorough treatment of the disease, the main thing is the timeliness of its onset. Multiple effective methods of treating hemorrhoids in men will not help, if you do not change your lifestyle, do not establish the right regimen and a balanced diet.

    Treatment of male hemorrhoids is complex, aimed at eliminating all links in the chain that affect the development of the disease.

    Only a fourth of the patients, in complicated cases, in the third and fourth stages, use a typical surgical method - an open or closed method of hemorrhoidectomy.

    A more modern method of surgical intervention is the Longo method. This method offers a circular resection of the mucous and submucous layers of the affected bowel. Such methods allow one hundred percent positive results.

    With easier hemorrhoids, minimally invasive surgery is applied, used in the second and third stages of the disease. It is also possible to treat hemorrhoids at home, if there are no complications.

    1) The initial, first stage, is treated conservatively using

    • vasoconstrictive drugs.
    • method of infrared photocoagulation - using a heat energy flow removes hemorrhoidal formations by blocking access to blood flow.
    • method of sclerotherapy - the overlap of the internal lumen of the node, by introducing special, gluing vessels and preparations into it.
    2) In the treatment of the second stage, in addition to the listed methods, the

    • ligation method is added - very effective, well tolerated, low-traumatic method. On nodular formations a special ring is made, made of latex, which blocks blood supply to the nodes. Drying, nodules disappear.
    3) In the third stage of the disease, the following methods are added to these methods:

    • method of desparterization - a device controlled by an ultrasound for the ligation of blood vessels that provide blood filling of neoplasms does not give them a chance to develop further.
    The prognosis of the disease, the complications and the degree of treatment effectiveness, is completely dependent on the timeliness of the treatment.

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