• Cutting hair

    Secular refers to the hair, split at the ends, such hair looks dull and easily breaks. Usually, hair begins to be longer than 20 cm long. Their ends are removed from the sebaceous glands, respectively, are less lubricated and therefore more brittle than the hair at the roots. Another reason why the ends of the hair begin to be cut is anatomical: towards the end of the hair, the surface of the scaly coating becomes thinner, it does not withstand constant brushing, frequent washing and begins to separate. Hair dyeing, curling, contact of hair with clothes aggravate the situation.

    Solving the problem

    Cut the split ends - this will prevent their further splitting. In the future, trim the ends every 1.5-2 months. It is best to do this with "hot scissors" - they seal the hair on the end, and it will look healthier longer.

    For washing hair, use a regenerating shampoo with lecithin, vitamin B5, extracts of wheat germ, lime, mint, chamomile. After washing your hair, rinse your hair with infusion of lime, mint, chamomile, birch leaves. You can also rinse hair with herbal infusion, for the preparation of which you need to take sage, plantain, flowers and dandelion leaves in a ratio of 1: 1: 0.5: 0.5.

    For hair restoration use special masks for split hair. Also at home, for split hair, you can make oil masks.

    To owners of dark hair and hair with a reddish shade, this procedure can additionally help:

    1. Before washing your head, dry dirty hair comb comb with rare teeth.

    2. Apply carrot oil or beta-carotene( you can buy it in a pharmacy) to the treated areas of the hair. The agent is rubbed into the hair, moving in the direction of the hair scales, that is, to the tips of the hair. To sustain 20 minutes.

    3. Wash your head with shampoo. Get wet with a towel.

    4. At the tips of the hair, apply a nourishing cream or a remedy for split ends that can not be washed off.

    This procedure should be performed once a week.

    In other cases, as well as blonde girls, after each washing and rinsing the head on the damp hair, you just need to apply balm or cream for split hair.

    Secular hair must be carefully protected from sun, wind, cold and rain. Let them rest from the waving and coloring.