• Mystery of ornaments

    People love jewelry since ancient times. Their role was played by a necklace of bones and fangs, shells. This, of course, is not yet jewelry, but talismans that bring success.

    Currently, not all decorations serve as amulets. But successfully selected hair clips, chains, brooches, bracelets, rings look very interesting.

    If a person prefers small, meticulously executed jewelry, then this indicates his unconscious desire for security and safety.

    Small ornaments, nice and cute, not necessarily expensive, attract the efforts of the authors, their attention and patience, invested in them( the handmade products are especially good in this regard).Ornaments can be made of metal and ceramics, flowers and wood, etc.

    The shape is rounded ornaments, small pendants or brooches of dark blue or dark red color, more often worn on the chest, near the heart.

    Wearing a cross also serves the purpose of security protection, supplementing it with religious meaning.

    If a person wears an expensive and prestigious decoration, he unmasked indicates his desire for prestige.

    It should be attributed and traditionally prestigious jewelry: products with diamonds( rings, necklaces and bracelets).

    Among the "new Russians" such jewelry, showing the level of steepness of the owner, there were massive gold chains around the neck and wrist.

    "A prestigious decoration is a signal of a claim to significance. But the fact that under the golden and diamond mountain the larva of the May beetle, which would like to become not only a May beetle, but a butterfly that trembles awaiting recognition, is taught by the children's school, "writes M. Lusher.

    If a person wears ornaments that attract attention with their brightness, unusualness or annoying frank extravagance, this is how his sexuality is realized.

    Men have leather and steel bracelets on their wrists, attributes of hunting success( teeth, fangs, pieces of fur on their necks, etc.).

    In women, this can be large and bright decorations on the chest, hands, fur trim and draped fur accessories to clothes. All of them are aimed at attracting attention to the body, signs of the sex of the owner, increasing his sexual attractiveness, demonstrating his inner need and desire for sex.

    If a person prefers aesthetically decorated jewelry - this is not just a manifestation of his desire for beauty, but an unconscious desire to attract people with high sensitivity and the need for aesthetic harmony.

    The aestheticity of the ornaments implies their elegance, proportionality and harmony of color combination with all manner of. Aesthetic jewelry can not be large, catchy, larky and too low-quality.