• Types of makeup and face shape

    The word "make-up" has entered our lexicon from the French language and in translation means "embellish yourself."

    Competent make-up corresponds to several parameters:

    Full harmony with hair and clothes. Therefore, first think over your suit and then go to make-up. Compliance with age. Young girls and elderly women are more suited modest makeup , and older girls and middle-aged women can afford a more daring makeup.

    Time of day and event.

    Disguises disabilities and emphasizes the merits of a person.

    A good combination of all used colors in makeup. A beautiful make-up is a make-up with an emphasis on one detail of the

    face. As a rule, they separate either the eyes or the lips. It is believed that if the lips are brightly colored, then the eyes should be emphasized not very expressively, and with the brightly marked eyes, lipstick on the lips should not be too provocative.

    When you want your speech to make a strong impression on an interlocutor or listener, contrast your face with your lips.

    If you want to interest the interlocutor as a person, highlight your eyes without forgetting about the line of the eyebrows - they give the person the expression of the emotional state in which we are.

    If you want to emphasize your sexuality, makeup should be uniform: to emphasize the shape and natural moisture of slightly slightly opened lips, the depth of view from under fluffy eyelashes, as well as the tenderness of a slight blush, the emotional expressiveness of the eyebrows.

    The correct make-up is a make-up applied to the cleansed, healthy skin. Very make-up looks ugly if under a powder black dots are visible or under the lipstick hides scaly lips. Therefore it is important to regularly cleanse the skin of contaminants, moisturize and nourish it.

    With conjunctivitis, the eye makeup should be discarded, and for herpes( colds on the lips) - from the makeup of the lips. In these cases, before resorting to decorative cosmetics, the disease should be cured.

    Also, in no case should you impose makeup on top of cosmetics, imposed several hours earlier, especially with lipstick. If you need something to fix in makeup, you need to remove the remnants of the previous makeup and do everything again.

    Make-up has three directions:



    the avant-garde.

    Each of these areas has its own color range: classic, as well as romantic make-up, characterized by calm, soft hues, and avant-garde style involves the use of a bright, contrasting color palette.

    Modern fashion, and in make-up including, does not have strict limitations. Now it is fashionable that the best way allows a person to show his inner world, his attitude to himself and society.

    Directions of modern makeup range from a clean face, untouched by make-up at first sight, to the most daring decisions( extraordinarily catchy make-up, for example green or black lipstick).

    Makeup is divided into the following types:





    Day and business makeup types are those types of makeup that you use most often, for example, on weekdays. When applying this make-up, use soft pastel colors and not too many cosmetics. Therefore, the make-up looks simple: slightly colored eyes, cheeks and lips, neatly decorated eyebrows. All this makes the person effective, bright and at the same time as if leaves natural.

    Evening make-up requires the application of more vivid and contrasting colors, since it is designed for artificial lighting and involves a smart toilet. Evening make-up can vary considerably depending on the place where it is supposed to spend the evening. It can be a quiet home environment, theater, restaurant, nightclub or disco.

    Festive make-up requires a somewhat differentiated approach. The fact is that we can celebrate an event either in the afternoon or in the evening, and quite often the festival is stretched for the whole day or can last till late evening. How to be with makeup in this case?

    If you intend to mark an event in the daytime, you need to apply daytime make-up, adding a small amount of brighter( festive) elements.

    If the celebration takes place in the evening, you need to use evening make-up with the addition of a more contrasting festive decor.

    In case if the holiday was a success and intends to last from morning till night, you will have to work hard. In the morning, you need to apply a festive-day make-up, and given that after dinner you have to correct it in the direction of strengthening the colors and entourage.

    Harmony - above all

    Correctly selected make-up not only harmoniously blends with the appearance of a person( his face, hair, clothes, costume jewelry), but also corresponds to the surrounding situation. Bright, avant-garde, festive makeup will be inappropriate to look in the morning in the library or on a day picnic. And if you do not use makeup in the evening, then at a party among the bright girlfriends and rivals you will have a pale, sickly look, despite all the splendor of the outfit.

    Any evening or

    festive makeup of

    should be applied in such a way that you do not cause

    discomfort, but, on the contrary, give you self-confidence and

    its beauty.

    If you are going to be photographed, make your makeup darker and sharper than usual, emphasize the contour of eyebrows, eyes and lips, but in no case should you use shiny and pearly cosmetics.

    Face form

    Cosmetologists-make-up artists distinguish several forms of the face.

    Oval face - this form is considered the standard, therefore all other types of the face with the help of corrective make-up are brought to the maximal similarity with the oval.

    The width of the ideal oval face is about 3/4 of its length.

    Round face - this shape is characterized by the same horizontal and vertical proportions, rounded chin and hairline.

    Square face - this shape of the face form a wide forehead and a square line of the jaw. The common line of the face consists of relatively straight chopped parts of the perimeter.

    Rectangular face - this person has a length greater than its width with the same parameters as the square one.

    Triangular face - has a pronounced sharp chin, which gives the face a triangular shape.

    Trapezoid face - similar in shape to the trapezoid, with the upper part of the face considerably narrowed, and the lower one - expanded, with a heavy lower jaw.

    The diamond-shaped face is a narrowed forehead, a sharply protruding upper part of the cheekbones and a narrow pointed chin.

    The ideal person is a certain standard, the ideal that makeup artists are guided by when doing makeup and to which they recommend to bring their appearance closer. In real life, people with an ideal face are very few.

    The characteristics of the ideal face and neck

    The forehead is flat in the center, smoothly rounding to the temples. Its height is V3 from the height of the face.

    Eyebrows - medium width, medium density, both eyebrows lie on one horizontal line and are symmetrical.

    Eyebrows are divided into three parts:

    head - thickened part, located at the nose, not strongly colored and dense;

    body - medium, most colored part;

    tail - thin outer part, having a weak color. To determine the shape and length of the ideal eyebrows,

    is required to mentally draw a tangent line from the inner corner of the eye

    to a horizontal line that runs exactly under the nose - at the intersection of the vertical and horizontal lines, we get the point A - it will be the landmark. Next:

    line going from point A through the inner corner of the eye to the eyebrow, will indicate where the head of the eyebrow should be;The

    line going from point A through the center of the pupil to the eyebrow, will indicate where the bending of the eyebrow should be;The

    line running from point A through the outer corner of the eye to the eyebrow, will indicate where the eyebrow should end.

    It is considered beautiful when the hair on the tail of the eyebrow is thinned and gradually fades into nothing.

    The eyes are ellipsoidal in shape, that is, they resemble a flattened and slightly elongated circle in the horizontal direction. Both eyes lie on one horizontal line and are symmetrical. The distance between the eyes should be equal to the length of the eye.

    The nose is straight, there are no offsets in the left or right side. The width of the base of the bridge of the nose( at eye level) is equal to the width of the eye. The ideal nose is characterized by the fact that the width of the spread of the wings of the nose corresponds to the width of the

    eyes. The tip of the nose is evenly rounded. The nose tip line is on one horizontal line with the lower edge of the nose wings, that is, the nose tip is horizontal. There are no humpbacks on the bridge of the nose.

    Mouth - corresponds to the distance from the middle of the bridge of the nose to the outer corner of the eye. Both lips about the same size, medium fullness. The corners of the lips lie on a straight line with the line connecting the upper and lower lips.

    Neck - smooth, on it it is not visible sharply allocated tendons, veins. The length of the neck is equal to V3 of the length of the head.

    Preparing for face measurement

    You know which facial parameters are considered ideal, and now you can objectively evaluate your face.

    For measurements you will need:

    very good lighting - preferably daylight, evenly illuminating the left and right parts of the face to remove unnecessary shadows that distort the visual perception of the face;

    chair or stool( the chair does not fit, since you should sit with a flat back);

    two large mirrors( not less than 50x50cm).

    ruler length of 25-30 cm;

    plumb: a thick thread with a small load tied to the end( as a load you can take a ring or pendant).

    Face measurement technology

    Sit comfortably in front of the mirror so that your face is 35-40 cm away from it. Track your posture: you should sit evenly, the chin is slightly raised, the head - strictly vertical, without deviations in the left or right side. So you can check the symmetry of some parts of the face vertically and horizontally, you need a plumb line and ruler.

    The plumb line and ruler should be used in such a way: take the ruler in the right hand, the plumb line in the left hand. The plumb is held exactly along the central vertical line just above the forehead, approximately at the base of the hair growth. The free-hanging thread that hangs freely must not touch the protrusions of the face, its lower end( with a load) should be just below the chin. The ruler must be kept strictly horizontal, at a right angle to the plumb line.

    When you need to check the symmetry of parts of the face horizontally, be guided by their location relative to the ruler line, when vertically - to their location relative to the plumb line. Also, using a plumb line, you can correctly measure some parameters, for example, the width of the face.


    For sure you will find yourself some deviations from the ideal, but do not be upset - there are drawbacks for everyone, but they give the person an individuality, express his character.

    But, most likely, as a result of today's observations, you have found a lot of advantages, and it's good - now you know what exactly in make-up you need to emphasize. And to hide the shortcomings, if you have them, we will help you, and you will look no worse than a Hollywood movie star!