Knitting with needles for newborns with description and photo, schemes

  • Knitting with needles for newborns with description and photo, schemes

    In this article we will take a closer look at knitting with needles for newborns with descriptions and photos. The first thing that comes to mind when we see a baby is, of course, beautiful suits. It is the knitting technology for beginners that we will try to learn in more detail.

    Personally, I prefer girl's outfits, they are brighter and there are a lot of my favorite colors - red and pink. Knitting for newborn girls with knitting needles is very simple. Let's try to tie a pullover for a baby girl. Necessary materials and tools

    For pullover size 50/56 we need 100 g of white wool yarn, about 50 g of pink cotton yarn, and 20 g of white Angora wool yarn. In addition, 7 buttons, 150 cm of white satin tape with a width of half a centimeter. Ordinary and circular needles under numbers 2 and 5 and hook 1 and 5 numbers.

    Clarifying the nuances for beginners

    I will try to describe in detail the stages of work so that knitting with knitting needles for beginners for beginners is understandable and easily accessible. Just want to explain the meaning of the symbol "*" - this is a rapport, that is, a repeating part of the pattern. If some record is enclosed in "*" on both sides, this means that you need to repeat this group of loops. The first thing I will explain is the principle of knitting some types of knitting.

    The face of the face is executed like this: the front hinge is the front row and, accordingly, the inferior row is the back loop

    The knitted dress: the back and front rows are the front hinge

    . The inverting smoothness: the inside of the back loop, and the inverted series are the front

    . We fasten the elastic band

    We knit an elastic band - 1 row: * 1 persons.loop, 1 out.loop, repeat from *, 1 persons.2 orders: 1 out of the number, then * 1 persons.loop, and introduce the spoke into the loop of the preceding row, and 1 more purl, repeat from *.Duplicate the first and second rows.

    How to make striped patterns

    The first striped pattern, garter stitching: * the first 4 rows of white woolen yarn and 4 rows perform pink cotton, 2 rows of white knit, 4 rows again pink, and again 2 rows of again white and 4 rows again pink,we repeat from *.

    The second striped pattern, also performed by garter stitching: we knit in turn on 2 rows of pink cotton thread and white woolen.

    Openwork pattern - it's easy and simple!

    Openwork pattern: 1 row: faces.a loop;2nd row: reverse loop;3 rows: * 2 faces., Nakid, two loops of persons together., One broach( we remove one loop, extend one face loop through the removed one), nakid, repeat from *, 2 li-tsevye;4 row: out.loops and nakidy we remove, as purl;5 row: persons.loops and nakidy we remove, as purl;6 row: out.loops and nakidy we remove, as purl;7 row: * 2 faces., 1 facial, and we introduce the spoke into the nape of the third row, pick up all the transverse threads, repeat from *, 2 facial;8 row: purl loop.

    How to correctly embroider a relief pattern

    Embossed pattern: 1 row: * perform a cape, 1 persons.loop, repeat from *;2 row: * remove 3 loops, 2 nakida between them lower, remove the loops we transfer to the left knitting needle back and tie the faces together., 1 cape, 1 face.loop, repeat from *.

    The third striped pattern: 2 rows are executed with the front surface with a pink cotton thread, * 2 rows of relief pattern are made by Angora white yarn, 4 rows again with a pink thread, the front face, repeat from *, 2 rows of Angora white embossed pattern, 2 rows of pink cotton yarns with facial smoothness.

    Technique of knitting ruches

    Ruffle: 1 row: * 5 faces., Napkin, repeat from *, 2nd row and all purl: hinges and all nacs are knitted out.loops, 3 rows: * 6 persons.loops, napkin, repeat from *, 6 persons.loops, row 5: * 7 facial, napkin, repeat from *, 7 facial.

    Glued knitting knitting density - 62 rows and 34.5 loops - 10 * 10 cm.

    Step-by-step description of knitting for newborns

    Let's start knitting. Under this scheme, you can make any knitted things for newborns with diagrams and descriptions, and the knitting pattern for this half-story is shown below.

    Front and rear

    The front and back of the pullover are made with a pink cotton thread, we collect 138 loops and knit between the edges.the first striped pattern. On both sides of the crome.7 loops are made with garter stitch. It is necessary to leave a place for the button, for this, by a distance of 3.5 cm make a hole on the 5 loop from the right edge. In one row, close, in the other we type one loop. With an interval of 3.5 cm from the edge between the points of the strips, we perform 8 rows with an openwork pattern and 2 rows knit with garter stitching with white wool thread. After 5 cm we perform the second striped pattern between the points of the planks, and in the 1 row we close 28 loops and continue knitting separately.


    We distribute the parts for the armhole 10 cm from the edge as follows: for the right side of the front part 19 loops, for the backrest - 36 loops. Close the remaining loops at a distance of 16.5 cm from the edge of the set. Symmetrically finish the left side. For the middle part on the left-hand cut, we collect 33 loops with a pink thread and knit with a third striped pattern of 30 rows, close the loops and sew the middle part to the cutout.


    We pick up the garter stitch in 46 loops between the edges, 4 rows of white woolen thread, the next 4 rows of cotton pink and 2 more - again white. Then, with an openwork pattern, we knit 8 rows between the edges.pink color and 2 rows of white, garter stitch. After that, the second striped pattern between the edges., 10 cm from the edge of the set, close the hinges.

    Assembling the product yourself

    It remains to assemble the product. At the bottom of the product, we collect 137 loops with a pink thread, we perform a ruffle and close the hinges. We perform shoulder seams. At the bottom of the sleeve, we collect 42 pink loops and perform a ruffle. We close the hinges and sew hoses. The edges of the cut and ruches are tied with a crochet in one column without a crochet from left to right with white Angora thread. Sew sew buttons.

    Congratulations, the work is over, we hope that you have succeeded!