• How to move to a new apartment: useful tips

    "The Russian move is senseless and ruthless," my friend stated, trying to shove three ficus, one and a half bed and a cage with a hamster into one "Daewoo Matiz".However, it is not so difficult to turn a relocation from a natural disaster into a brilliant victory over chaos.

    It's good to be a duck, a good dog. .. a wandering monk, a street musician, a gypsy Aza and somebody else, just as delightful as a homeless. .. that is, free. Move - I do not want to!

    No bales, pots and antique pelmennits, took a knapsack, girded and went( kis and a dog in this plan in general raspberries).

    Of course, even in a secular society, some people manage to flit for a while in rented apartments, without paying any unnecessary things, oversized household appliances, pets and flowers in tubs. But to us, what do we do? A mere mortal who has fallen under the influence of the consumer society? One thing remains: the system.

    Preliminary property evaluation when moving

    The very first thing is to carefully inspect and determine what and in what order you will prepare for the move. Namely:

    carefully shake up all the cabinets, pantries and mezzanines and throw away everything that you will definitely not need: cups with chips, scandvor files, memorable synopses that are dusting in the third-year closet, half-living houseplants and broken gadgets - fromtrash is necessary to get rid of before moving, and not in the process and certainly not after.

    Useful advices

    Make a list of things that you will pack first: in the summer it's warm clothes and shoes, and also what you use extremely rarely.

    In advance to take care of finding a trucker-pro, to rely on the fact that friends in a sedan can cope with things for two or three calls, it is necessary with caution: these two or three calls on tight city traffic are easily stretched for a whole day.

    Large cars can not fit into a passenger car, and volunteers often fail. The ordered "Gazelle" will not be too expensive, but it will save your nerves and time, besides, two or four loaders are usually attached to the car.

    The best option for moving around Moscow with an average number of things, as practice shows, is one truck plus one car, into which you can put all the most valuable. The most important thing is yourself.

    How to pack

    We put together what remains after the general sweep. Did you use the baggage packing service at the airport in plastic wrap, which protects bags and suitcases? This film is sold in construction stores and is inexpensive. A few meters - and the carriage of a double mattress is no longer a terrible dream.

    It's hard to believe, but "pimply" cellophane was invented not to burst bubbles on it, but for cases when it is necessary to protect household appliances and hard furniture from damage. It is also useful for packing dishes( if you are lazy to pack each plate, put them in piles and wrap them with polyethylene).

    Soft things( clothes, bags, blankets) should be sealed in vacuum bags. Option - the usual garbage bags: pack, release the air and carefully wrap each packet with scotch tape.

    Flowers in pots are transported in cardboard boxes. They can be bought, and you can get free of charge in the stall near the house: for your favorite customers, helpful salesmen will not regret. We continue to master the science of how to move to a new apartment correctly.
    Small boxes with the same type of cargo, for example with shoes, it is more convenient to load, packing in one large box. And in large boxes you can load individual bags with clothes, towels and blankets.

    Having disassembled the furniture, fold the cogs and dowels in your purse( or cosmetic bag).It is better to sort the cogs - separately from the bed, separately from the computer table. Handbag in a "hand baggage" - then in a new place you quickly collect furniture again. To not accidentally put the refrigerator on top of the fragile Chinese service, you must sign the boxes.

    In which order to ship items

    Usually experienced loaders know in which order to load things when moving and put in the car, but control will not hurt. First of all we load dimensional things. When transporting you should get such a pyramid, at the base of which is the heaviest and stable, and on top are light trifles.

    Do not transport plants and fragile things in a truck, it is better to pack boxes and packages with them in a car. Leave an empty bag for the day of the move( the size of the bag is sporty).In it you will pack things of the first necessity: cosmetics, hair dryer, bath accessories and home clothes.

    Select company

    Ask your friends: they are moving everything, which means that someone can have a reliable phone. Well, if they have in the staff collectors and packers of furniture, and for each service there is a clear price. Be sure to find out how payments are made, whether the company issues checks, whether the contract is signed. Do not be lazy to "break through" forums and blogs about the company's activities.

    Keep household chemicals away for new owners or neighbors. A half-empty bottle can leak and spoil things. Boring things and furniture - if the hosts do not mind. Perhaps the new tenants will come in handy. I'm coming from the fridge too - even if you have 20 kg of pelmeni and a soda box. Pelmeni defrosted, and the soda can explode from the pitching. Invite your friends to move before they move: they will help to post the stocks.

    Tidy up the

    House after the removal of things - like a grimy orphan. Taking care of him is a good tone and a good sign. So: collect trimming packaging, paper and bubbles from the valerian;walk around with a vacuum cleaner around the apartment( do not pack it first!);wipe the plate, sills and tables with a damp rag;Cross the water in the pipes and gas.

    Leave the owners of the apartment a receipt for payment of services, documents for the equipment that has remained, keys and anything from yourself, such as a box of chocolates, if your communication was pleasant.

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