How much money is needed for the wedding: approximate prices and calculations

  • How much money is needed for the wedding: approximate prices and calculations

    Once you have decided to get married, the question immediately arises: how much money is needed for the wedding. Of course, it all depends on your tastes and money possibilities.

    To begin with, decide on the number of guests at the wedding, and the second - where you will celebrate the celebration. Then think about how much you need cars, do you need a toastmaster and photographer. Walk through each point of the wedding celebration and determine what you can do with your own hands or with the help of friends and relatives.

    Let's try to make such a list and see what can be saved, and approximately calculate how much money will be required for the wedding.


    Let's start, of course, with the most important thing - the wedding dress of the bride. The dress can be bought ready-made, stitched to order or rented. To buy a dress in the salon is the most expensive pleasure.

    There you can also take a dress for rent - it will be two times cheaper, but keep in mind that you must return the dress in the same ideal form in which it was taken. Rarely, what kind of dress remains as pure after the wedding, as before. In this case, the cabin provides for penalties, so carefully read the contract.

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    A little cheaper than buying a ready-made, sewing dress in the atelier. You will get exactly what you want and the sewn dress will be for you.

    So, buying dresses in the salon and tailoring to order cost from 10,000 rubles. Depending on the model, fabric and complexity of tailoring, the average price of the dress is about 15,000 - 20,000 rubles.

    Accessories for a wedding dress: veil, gloves, stockings, garters, diadem, hair clips and other binding details will cost you from 5000 to 8000.

    Shoes for the bride - starting from 2000 rubles.

    Make-up and hairstyle can be done in the salon, or you can invite the master to the house. These services will cost from 5000 rubles. Still need to do a manicure, go to the solarium and other services of the salon - another plus 2000 - 3000 rubles.


    It is better to buy a suit, shirt and tie in one store to create a single ensemble. All this will cost from 10,000 rubles. Footwear - from 2000 rubles.

    Organization of the banquet

    One of the biggest items of expenditure. Of course, you can organize a gala dinner at home or at the dacha, if your friends and relatives are ready to help in preparing festive meals.

    So, a festive banquet not in the center of the city you will cost from 2000 rubles.per person. In addition, please note that the institution can take 10% of the cost of the service order and also add for renting the hall.

    Tamada - from 15000 rubles, musicians or a DJ - from 10,000 rubles.

    Wedding cake costs from 700 rubles per kg, it remains only to count how many guests at your wedding and what weight you need a cake.

    Car rent

    Business class car - from 1500 rubles.for an hour, a limousine, naturally, more expensive - from 2000 rubles.at one o'clock. Think about whether you need transport for guests, for example, a minibus - from 1000 rubles.at one o'clock.

    A lot of little things

    And how much more to buy: rings, a bridal bouquet, a groom's boutonniere, wedding invitations, accessories for decorating the hall, gifts for guests and prizes for competitions, spirits and much more.

    Be sure to pay for the services of the photographer.

    Such calculations will help to find out how much money you will need for the wedding, but be prepared that less than 100 thousand rubles will not cost even the most modest wedding, and there is simply no upper limit.

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