What foods to eat to lose weight: a list of the best dietary products

  • What foods to eat to lose weight: a list of the best dietary products

    Contrary to popular belief, which is that weight loss is based on starvation and severe restrictions in food, modern nutritionists say: you can not starve.

    With prolonged starvation, the body is in a state of stress and begins to store fat reserves even after drinking a glass of water or eating a stalk of celery. Eat right and without fanaticism, controlling every meal and avoiding harmful snacks. So what foods are there to lose weight?

    Conventionally, several groups can be named: protein foods, low-fat dairy products, greens and green vegetables, spices, drinks and fruit-berries. Let us examine in more detail.

    Protein food

    All foods that contain large amounts of protein are divided into animal and vegetable. Animals include all types of meat and fish, and to vegetable - legumes and nuts.

    In order to lose weight, you need to eat low-fat varieties of fish and meat, such as chicken breast, rabbit, turkey, cod, tuna and others.

    Caution should be taken to nuts, because in addition to a large percentage of protein in their composition, they have a lot of fat and, as a consequence, high caloric value.

    Legumes should be consumed in a non-canned form, separately from meat and fish, because their combination can be indigestible and too high-calorie.

    Dairy products

    Dairy products should be consumed only in their low-fat versions. It is recommended to exclude milk and butter, focusing on yogurt, cottage cheese with a low percentage of fat and natural yogurt without additives. Also very good in the process of losing weight help such drinks as tan and ayran. They almost do not have fats in their composition, and at the same time they improve digestion.

    Greens and green vegetables

    Perhaps, when answering the question: what foods help to lose weight quickly, first of all come to the head vegetables. And this is true, with a slight correction. Vegetables having a high glycemic index, for example, potatoes, are equated to pasta and bread.

    Beets and carrots contain a lot of fiber, and tomatoes, cucumbers, Bulgarian pepper and radish are simply irreplaceable in the revision of the diet, as they contain a lot of water and a low percentage of calories. Greens also normalize the metabolism, saturating us with vitamins.


    In the East, there is an opinion that spices simply burn fat, leaving him no chance of survival. And indeed it is. The leader here, of course, is ginger. It can be added to tea, meat and even homemade cakes, which can not be taken with a diet, but it is so desirable.

    It is also worth mentioning cinnamon, cloves, chili, basil, cumin and turmeric. Together they have a very beneficial effect on immunity, cardiovascular system and weight normalization. In addition, the aging process is slowed down due to the high content of antioxidants in them.


    Water, water and water again. Green tea( with ginger and lemon) or without them. Water with lemon on an empty stomach. Maintaining the water balance is very important in the organization of the process of losing weight in order to maintain itself in the norm and to remove harmful substances.


    Berries can be eaten almost any, paying special attention to those that have vitamin C in their composition. Fruits are also very good at losing weight, except for grapes, persimmons, figs, peaches, bananas and some others,amount of sugar. But you can all citrus, pineapple, apples in almost unlimited quantities( within reason).

    Thus, we found out which products can lose weight. General recommendations can be summarized as follows: eat vegetables, keeping the balance of proteins / fats / carbohydrates, do not forget about fruits to maintain the level of vitamins and drink plenty of water.

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