How to care for your feet - care for your feet at home

  • How to care for your feet - care for your feet at home

    What should be the ideal legs? Everyone knows the answer to this question. But apart from the fact that they must be slim and "grow from the ears", there are many more conditions. Even quite ordinary legs will look good if they are properly taken care of. Proper care will avoid many problems. And the problems associated with the legs, a lot - it's sweaty feet, and calluses, and cracked heels. In general, everything in order.

    Sweating of the feet

    First we will understand what function in the body is performed by the sweat glands. The secret of the sweat glands acts as a cooling agent, preventing the body from overheating, so that the allocation of a certain amount of sweat is not only not a pathology, but even useful. Another thing is that in some cases sweating becomes too intense, and this problem needs to be addressed.

    All right, I would be annoyed only by excessive sweating, but it is often combined with an unpleasant odor, in some cases so strong that it is shameful to take off shoes at a party. And this is already a problem not only physiological, but also social. An unpleasant smell arises from the huge number of microbes multiplying with surprising speed. For them, sweat is one of the best living environments. As a result of the life of microbes, an acid is formed, which becomes the cause of an unpleasant odor. In addition, excessive sweating of the feet without proper attention can cause eczema. Knowing how to properly care for your feet, you will easily deal with the problem.

    Reasons. Reasons for sweating are varied. It can be made from artificial materials, shoes, a long stay in the room in winter shoes, synthetic socks or kapron tights, non-compliance with foot hygiene, stressful situations, physical activity.

    How to get rid? Excessive sweating of feet and an unpleasant smell are eliminated by means of official medicine and traditional medicine. Official medicine suggests using electric current for treatment. With the help of a special device you can get rid of sweating for several weeks.

    Traditional medicine advises to be treated with oak bark. Its use is possible, both in the form of a decoction, and in the form of a powder. In the first case, take a handful of oak bark, pour a liter of boiling water, heat for 15 minutes, filter and make foot baths. In the second - pour the powder of oak bark into your socks and put them on for the night.

    It is known that solutions of salt and soda help well. Take a teaspoon of salt or soda, in general, that there is at hand, dilute in a glass of water and wash your feet at night with the resulting solution.

    Folk methods of treatment will help to get rid of sweating in a couple of weeks, but in order to prevent the return of the problem, you need to exclude all the above reasons for sweating feet.

    Dryness of the skin of the legs

    We figured out what caused the sweating of the legs and how to fight it. But there is a problem directly opposite - a dry skin. This means that the skin is peeling, covered with cracks, itches.

    Reasons. The reason is the lack of air intake. Avoid the dryness of the skin of the feet is quite simple: make it a rule to regularly use moisturizing creams.

    How to get rid? Often, dry skin is combined with coarsening, the formation of a thick stratum corneum. Use pumice stone to soften the skin and get rid of dead cells. Pre-make a hot foot bath to soften the skin. The stratified corneous layer is much easier to treat.

    Cracks in the skin

    Cracks in the skin on the legs

    Often, dry skin crackles, especially the heels. Treatment is necessary not only because such heels do not look aesthetically, but also because dirt is cracks in the cracks, the heels become very painful.

    Reasons. This problem usually worsens in the summer, which is caused by uncomfortable shoes, in which the heels are injured and immediately exposed to the environment.

    How to get rid? Care for cracked heels is not so complicated. You need to buy a specially designed cream for such cases or, at worst, take a very greasy cream. Then steam off the legs, treat with pumice stone, then apply the cream. It is better to spend this procedure at night, at the end to put on socks and sleep peacefully until the morning.

    Traditional medicine also does not sleep. She offers her own ways of treating cracked heels, for example, mashed potatoes are ideal for these purposes. It needs to be applied to the cracks for 30 minutes.

    It is well known that the onion helps the cracked heels. Undress your feet in a bath with dissolved drinking soda( about 2 teaspoons), and then apply onion gruel. Keep the compress all night long, so to avoid soiling the bed with onions, you need to cover the onions with polyethylene, and then bandage your foot.


    Corns on the feet

    Causes. The reason for calluses is mainly wearing uncomfortable shoes or shoes not in size. How should I take care of my legs if my callus has not yet healed? Before you wear shoes, you need to glue the damaged area with a band-aid, otherwise you will experience severe soreness when walking. After healing, the skin in this place usually becomes rougher.

    How to get rid? It is not difficult to get rid of calluses using traditional medicine. For example, you can cure calluses in a very simple way - with the help of lemon. Strew your feet for half an hour, then take the lemon zest, fix it, wear it for five days without taking it off.


    Of course, care for your feet includes and epilation. Today, a woman actually has no right to walk with vegetation on her legs. Anyway, but you have to remove hair in any convenient way for you. Fortunately, now the choice of funds is quite large, literally for every taste and purse - it's depilation cream, and shaving, and laser hair removal, and photoepilation, and wax, etc.


    Beautiful pedicure

    The only thing left unaffected isnails, you can safely embark on a pedicure. We remind you of several rules that should be adhered to when doing a home pedicure: we do NOT cut the nails with a semicircle, but leave them straight, remove or cut off the cuticles, paint the nails and go ahead!

    Here, perhaps, and all the most necessary, from what you need to know about the care of your feet.