How to hold a wedding in a narrow circle, how to celebrate a wedding with your family

  • How to hold a wedding in a narrow circle, how to celebrate a wedding with your family

    Not all lovers have the opportunity to celebrate the wedding in a big way and chic. Some simply do not want lavish and expensive celebrations. Nevertheless, the wedding should be remembered for a long time and leave only pleasant memories. How to hold a wedding in a tight circle, how to do it is unusual and save money, will be told in this article.

    Choosing a room for a wedding

    To begin with, of course, you need to determine the number of guests. For certain, it will be only the most native and close people. Proceeding from what, and it is necessary to make a choice of a premise for a celebration.

    You can celebrate your holiday in an apartment or a house. Summer is perfect for a dacha or a country house. Such a wedding can be made in American style with barbecue, fried sausages or Russian with traditional shish kebabs.

    The room can be issued on their own, without resorting to the help of a designer. Fortunately, now on sale a lot of accessories and attributes for celebrations are presented. Show fantasy, look on the Internet photos or videos of other people's holidays. Balloons, flowers, ribbons, garlands - all this will become an ornament of your wedding.


    How to celebrate a wedding without tasty treats and cake? This is not possible, so consider the menu in advance. You can invite a chef or order food at home, or you can cook everything yourself - this will be helped with warmly loved mothers, grandmothers and aunts, and then it will not become such a big problem.

    You can order a cake or you can bake yourself. Homemade food in a cozy and family atmosphere will make the wedding unusual and unforgettable.

    List of products make up in advance and do not delay their purchase at the last minute. In this case, it is wise to approach. Think, probably, in your city there are wholesale bases where it is possible to be bought more cheaply. In the summer with cooking everything is much easier - there is nothing more tasty than meat on the fire, so do not exclude the option of shish kebab as a hot dish.

    Entertainment during the wedding

    To ensure that guests and newlyweds do not get bored, you need to think in advance of an entertainment program. For this, it is not necessary to hire a specially trained person - a toastmaster. You can ask one of friends or relatives - the most active, to tell a couple of jokes, jokes and toasts, which all the guests can say. They can be prepared in advance and printed on a piece of paper.

    Think in advance of contests and dance program. A great solution is karaoke, always a win-win option.

    Music can be selected based on your preferences, and you can hire beginners who for a modest fee will agree to entertain guests all evening.

    Wedding in a narrow family circle has its warmth and charm, because with you are only the closest people, the situation is more relaxed and cozy, which means that such a bright day will be remembered for life.

    Unusual wedding in a narrow circle

    Celebrate somehow unusual wedding can be abroad. Only really close and kindred will gather here. Marriage on the seaside will leave behind more vivid memories than ransom of the bride and entertainment of the toastmaster.

    It is advisable to hold there only a symbolic ceremony, and sign in your country in order to avoid unnecessary waste and paperwork. In travel agencies there are even special services for holding wedding celebrations.

    You can surprise the guests by inviting an illusionist, magician or caricaturist. Such a wedding guests and newlyweds will remember for a long time. Do not forget about the salute, which can solemnly finish the evening.

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