Diamond wedding: what to give, how many years together, the diamond wedding anniversary

  • Diamond wedding: what to give, how many years together, the diamond wedding anniversary

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    When people have lived in marriage for most of their life, this is fine. Today, marriages, as a rule, last for a maximum of 3-4 years, so people who have lived together for over 30 years are already considered a strong pair, what can we say about those who lived together for 60 years! Meanwhile, each wedding has a name in the people, and those who are interested: to have a diamond wedding, what date of a diamond wedding, we give the exact answer: sixty. On how to celebrate a diamond wedding and what to give, read below.

    Etymology of the name

    The very name "diamond" refers to the most precious of the stones in the world - the diamond - and its properties. As you know, a diamond, especially pure water and the right cut, is a real jewel of treasure, a masterpiece in the world of jewelry. Similarly, a married couple who have lived together for 60 years is a model of an ideal family, a "diamond" against the backdrop of fleeting and fragile relationships that develop between a man and a woman in a modern family.

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    How and where to celebrate

    Before the happy culprits of the celebration, the natural question arises: where to celebrate such an important and exciting event as the diamond wedding anniversary? To gather everyone at home at a festive table? To rent a banquet room in a restaurant? To entrust the organization of a diamond wedding to close relatives? In order not to suffer from the knowledge that something has been done incorrectly, it is better to seek help from people who are closely acquainted with this topic, or to read opinions on how to celebrate the diamond wedding anniversary on the Internet.

    And they( Internet experts) on various sites and forums strongly recommend to celebrate the diamond wedding as a family event, that is, to give up restaurants and official food, even if cooked by chefs. Ideal for celebrating the 60th anniversary of family life - a festive home dinner with the invitation of all close relatives and, possibly, colleagues who have developed the most cordial relations. It will be wonderful if the whole family gathers at the table, and children and grandchildren prepare their own meals for themselves. A real wedding dress can be a wedding cake baked to order, with the inscription "60 years together".

    What to present for a diamond wedding?

    The question of what to give to a diamond wedding is also far from idle, it's not an ordinary wedding, but a celebration of people who have lived together for decades. This means that the gift for a diamond wedding should be solid and memorable.

    In the matter of choosing a gift for a diamond wedding, it is better to be guided by an approximate knowledge of the tastes of an elderly couple( if you are new to the originators of the celebration, you can ask about the preferences of the couple from their children or grandchildren), and remember that the gift should be solid, expensive.

    If you have enough money, you can give the diamond "newlyweds" real diamonds. It can be an earring or a bracelet for her, cufflinks or a tie clip for him - it does not matter whether it's an individual or a common thing. The main thing is that they liked the gift.

    More budget option - elite tea in the original package in the form of a diamond. In any case, the theme of the diamond should be tried to win.

    The closest relatives can give a very personal family gift - a family video, a collage, a photo album, a beautifully decorated story of the meeting of two lovers' hearts( heroes) on the path of life. Such a gift for a diamond wedding will be remembered very, very long.

    It is necessary to decorate the place of the holiday with flowers. Because the wedding is diamond, that is expensive, and the flowers should be suitable for celebration. It can be roses, orchids, royal lilies. If you are at a loss with the choice, ask for help from the florist.

    Competitions and celebration of jubilees

    Commemorative date, wedding anniversary is an event that must necessarily be conducted by the toastmaster. Tamada can be a guest actor, or someone from the guests who know the family well. The script of the holiday called "Diamond Wedding" can be found and downloaded on the Internet. In the same place, by the way, you can find humorous and poetic congratulations to the bride's groom and bride.

    In the program of the holiday you can include a home mini-concert. Let each of those present remember something good about the couple being honored and give them their concert number at this festival. Diamond "newlyweds" can make a response number and present, for example, a joking encyclopedia of family life for young people( it can be poems or a colorfully designed and printed home edition on a printer), write a "letter to the descendants" about how the husband and wife should leadthemselves with each other to live side by side 60 years.