Where to spend a wedding inexpensively: where is it best to spend a small wedding in the summer, autumn, winter or spring

  • Where to spend a wedding inexpensively: where is it best to spend a small wedding in the summer, autumn, winter or spring

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    Every girl dreams of a wedding. She several times imagines this event. The place where the celebration will take place, the dress in which it will be, the number of guests and other nuances. That is, it turns out that everything has been planned for a long time. The question remains for a small budget. It all boils down to the amount of money that is allocated to this event. Where to spend a wedding is inexpensive and so that it will be remembered for the rest of your life.

    Options for a thrifty wedding

    For a self-contained couple, a romantic option - a wedding for two. Instead of a lavish banquet and a large number of guests, there will be a romantic dinner, a sweet wedding night and a sea of ​​attention to each other.

    Photographer or operator can be invited to the registry office. Arrange a photo session in beautiful picturesque places. A small amount of money will be spent on outfits, champagne and food. But this is the smallest, in comparison with the big weddings

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    A small wedding can be organized at home. The number of guests depends on the area of ​​the room. The apartment can fit only the closest relatives and friends.

    In a private house there is more room for revelry. In any case, the party will turn out cheerful and united. After all, the fewer guests, the more pleasant the conversation. This option is especially suitable in the fall. The street is already cool, but indoors it's not hot.

    In the spring, you can arrange a wedding under some canopy, in a tent or in a hut in nature. Choose a beautiful picturesque place. You decorate at your discretion. And the place for the banquet is ready. Moreover, at this time everything around blooms, smells and so wants to stay in nature.

    In the summer it is best to arrange a wedding on the shore of water bodies. Especially if you belong to the shocking type of people. After the REGISTRY OFFICE a noisy company can go to the river or lake. Instead of a toastmaster, they are friends. And you have a pleasant pastime.

    In winter, a wedding can be arranged in a small cafe. If you do not arrange a lavish banquet, then you will need a small room and a couple of tables. A merry party in a narrow circle of friends is what you need for a good mood.

    Another variant of the wedding for two is a trip. You can choose for your money resort for marriage and honeymoon. This option, for sure, will be remembered for life. After all, if you spend money - it's on yourself. In addition, there is no need to explain to everyone why someone was invited, but someone was missed. This kind of wedding is suitable for any season of the year.

    On what you can save more

    To invest in the budget, you need to know exactly how much and where to spend, and what you can save on.

    First thing, a wedding dress. To give a lot of money for a dress that is worn once in a lifetime is, at least, inadvisable. Dress, whatever one may say, remains a dress. They do not invent anything new there. And guests who do not quite understand them, may not appreciate your style. In this case, you need to tell everyone how much it costs to dress or not to remove the price tag. Joke!

    So the dress can be bought more modestly, ordered in the atelier or rented.

    Save on products. Even if you decide to organize a wedding in a cafe, you can negotiate with the owners about bringing some of the products ready with you. It will be much cheaper than their cooks cook this institution. You can instruct someone from relatives or close acquaintances to bake a wedding cake or other sweets.

    Save on make-up. You will not make your own hair, but make-up is quite possible. Look at the videos, where they show the wedding makeup in detail. Practice several times, and you will not need a make-up artist. Pattern on the nails entrust to make a girlfriend. And one more waste will disappear.

    Dear bride and groom, make a wedding for yourself, not for guests or to please your parents. This is your holiday. Such an event in many loving hearts occurs once in a lifetime.