• Treatment of herpes at home in men and women

    A striking fact: almost every person has the herpes virus! If you are faced with the problem of the appearance of the herpes virus, then we will devote our article to you specifically for this matter.
    Herpes and ways to get it in the body

  • How to cure herpes

  • Herpes local treatment

  • Herpes and ways to get it into the body

    There is a lot of misconceptions about herpes, so this article we want them all to dispel and tell: whatis herpes, why it appears in our body and how to treat it.
    Herpes is a viral disease that is characterized by the precipitation of specific grouped vesicles on the skin and mucous membranes of our body.
    Herpes viruses to date, there are more than 8 species, but the most common are only 4 of them:

    • Herpes lips;

    • Varicella;

    • Genital Herpes;

    • Shingles.

    All these diseases are exacerbation of the herpes virus. That is, even at an early age in the body of most of us gets the herpes virus. The herpes virus does not carry anything destructive, it settles in our nerve cells and is in them. The herpes virus occasionally checks the state of our immune system: if it is strong, then the herpes virus is suppressed, and it returns back to its sleeping phase. But if the immune system is weakened just like the herpes virus begins to multiply - if immunity can not overcome its activity, the herpes virus can go into the active phase. The first manifestation of the herpes virus in our body occurs in childhood, many of you remember chickenpox. Let's look at the types of herpes virus and the causes of their occurrence.

    Chicken pox
    Chickenpox in the people is more known as chicken pox. Strangely enough, and chickenpox is a consequence of the active phase of chicken pox. We will not talk about the signs and treatment, since this is a topic for a separate article, but a couple of words about this form of herpes all the same we mention.
    Chickenpox virus is transmitted by airborne droplets, when communicating with a healthy person. There are no other ways of chickenpox infection, because its virus is absolutely not adapted to life in the external environment and dies in a few minutes. Infected with chickenpox can only be from a person who has this type of virus in the active phase. A sick person can infect another person with chickenpox 2 days before the first rash appears. It is after that, when a person has had chickenpox he has a varicella-zoster virus in his body forever, but immunity in turn has antibodies that can suppress this kind of herpes virus with its activity.
    Herpes Lips
    It is this kind of manifestation of the herpes virus that many people call "cold on the lips."Herpes lips appear on the lips first in the form of redness, and after - in the form of vesicles. Many mistakenly believe that the herpes of the lips is a consequence of colds, but this is fundamentally the wrong opinion.
    The herpes virus is in the human body constantly, that is, the virus that causes herpes on the lips is constantly in the body, and it does not get to us along with a cold. That is, the herpes simplex virus is inside our body in a dormant state and it can only become active if our immune system is weakened. The immune system in turn weakens when we get sick with a viral or cold disease, when another virus activates in our body and when we have a stressful situation. In such situations, immunity directs all forces to combat the "problem", not controlling the activity of the herpes virus.
    In most cases, the appearance of herpes on the lips occurs after colds of viral diseases, which is why many believe that herpes is a consequence of the common cold. But it happens so, when herpes appears without disease, after you have been overexcited or experienced a stressful situation.

    Genital Herpes
    Genital herpes is another type of herpes virus. As can be understood from the title, genital herpes appears on the genital organs - the genitals. To a greater extent, men are affected by genital herpes. Genital herpes is transmitted sexually and manifests itself first in the form of redness, and then in the form of vesicles, which later turn into sores.
    Shingles are another type of herpes virus. Shingles is a consequence of the exacerbation of the herpes virus, which is in the body after chicken pox. As mentioned earlier, shingles occur when the human immune system is weakened. Shingles begins with sensitivity in the places where future bubble lesions appear, and then bubble abscesses appear on one side of the trunk. In the first two days, the outbreaks tend to expand.

    How to cure herpes

    Treatment of almost all types of herpes virus is done at home, of course, after consulting a dermatologist. The main drugs for the treatment of all types of herpes are antiviral drugs. Their reception is necessary to reduce the activity and suppression of the herpes virus. Along with antiviral drugs, special attention is paid to immunostimulating drugs, in view of the fact that the herpes virus is manifested with weakened immunity, so that it began to fight the virus and began to produce antibodies - it must be strengthened.
    Next, with each form of herpes, it is localized for immediate healing of the foci.

    Topical herpes treatment
    Treatment of herpes on the lips
    As a topical herpes treatment on the lips, special ointments are used that relieve itching and have a calming effect.
    Treatment of genital herpes
    The local treatment of genital herpes also uses an ointment that neutralizes the itching and relieves the feeling of discomfort in the affected areas.

    Treatment of shingles
    As for the local treatment of herpes zoster, it consists of several components. First, the foci of herpes must either be smeared with greens, or treated with a special lotion. This is done so that there is no suppuration, since there is pus inside the vesicles of the rash, and the vesicles can simply burst, so they need to be cauterized. Secondly, in view of the fact that again there are pus in the vials - they need to be dried, thereby healing them, this is done with the help of special ointments. Well, the last - the third, due to the fact that herpes zoster pierces the nerve endings, it can be accompanied by painful sensations, it is necessary to take painkillers for this.
    Take care of yourself. Maintain your immunity and do not give in to stress.