Melon: good and bad, how to eat melon?

  • Melon: good and bad, how to eat melon?

    Melon is a sweet, delicious, fragrant and fleshy berry, well known to us from childhood. With its proper use, the benefits of melons are great, and the damage is insignificant.

    But when overeating, you can for a long time repel yourself the desire to eat it again. How to properly eat melon, its useful properties and contraindications, you will learn in this article.

    Melon is a false-berry from the family of pumpkin. Melon culture has a beautiful spherical or cylindrical shape. The color of the berries should be yellow, white, brown, and varieties with green longitudinal stripes also come across. It can be eaten with benefit for the body as a whole, and for losing weight in particular.

    This berries ripen up to 2 months, in volume it can reach up to 10 kg of weight. Its homeland is Africa and Asia Minor. It grows almost everywhere, since it has been cultivated.

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    Benefits of melon for health

    Melon is a real well of health, because it has many useful properties! In it you will find a huge amount of macro- and microelements, the main part of the berry - sugar and water. In addition, this berry consists of folic and ascorbic acids, which have a beneficial effect on our body.

    Ascorbicum or vitamin C perfectly protects against cold and flu, it stimulates our immunity. Folic acid is especially useful for stabilizing women's health, it helps pregnant women to bear fruit, and also affects the quality of breast milk.

    Also this amazing golden berry consists of iron, phosphorus, chlorine, iodine. The latter component is especially useful for activating brain activity and preventing thyroid disease. A significant amount of calcium in the melon helps us to be proud of healthy teeth and bones. It contains potassium, magnesium, strengthening the nervous and cardiovascular system.

    In addition, components such as cobalt, fluorine, phosphorus, zinc, sulfur, sodium additionally strengthen the body, accelerate cell renewal and improve metabolism. Zinc is also a natural immunostimulant for our body.

    Group B vitamins, contained in a high enough amount in melon, help the whole body, and especially the depleted nervous system. They affect metabolism, improve memory and regenerate tissues. Also in 100 gr. This plant found about 0.4 mg of vitamin A, a beneficial effect on the state of the reproductive system, the musculoskeletal system, vision, the condition of the hair and nails.

    Melon has such property as strengthening of influence of antibiotics. At the same time, their toxicity is significantly reduced. If you are going through now, an antibacterial treatment course, be sure to buy yourself some sweet melon berries!

    Another useful property is the strengthening of the nervous system, gastrointestinal tract, mild laxative action due to the high water content in the berry. Almost the whole table of Mendeleev - what else can you dream about, eating such a tasty and useful melon?

    To benefit the body was maximum, you should eat melon separately from other foods, do not transfer and choose the right fruit.

    What kind of diseases does melon cure?

    Since ancient times, the beneficial properties of melons are used as an effective remedy. Its unique composition treats:

    • diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, mental disorders.
    • kidney disease, liver.
    • rheumatism, tuberculosis.
    • stones in the urinary system.
    • constipation and hemorrhoids.
    • skin problems.
    • the nervous system.
    • excess weight.
    • melancholy and depression.
    Increases immunity also this berry. And thanks to low caloric content - only 30-35 Kcal, with this vegetable you can noticeably lose weight by arranging for yourself unloading days. Unique properties of melon to remove fatigue, insomnia, nervous disorders - have been known since ancient times.

    Sunflower seeds, according to medical experts, help increase potency. Dry seeds must be ground with gruel and taken three times a day, spoonful before meals. Regarding the external benefit for the human body, the melon perfectly copes with the dryness of the skin, makes it beautiful, soft, supple. All thanks to the high content of retinol.

    Contra-indications, harm of melon

    Such a vegetable should not be eaten in large quantities, as a significant overeating can harm - cause problems with the heart and digestion. Also, large amounts of vitamins in melon can provoke hypervitaminosis. It should be consumed separately from other foods, like dessert and in small amounts.

    In large quantities, it provokes upset stomach. Because of the significant amount of sugars melon can ferment in the stomach, provoke eructations, cause flatulence and swelling, colic. Pregnant and lactating mothers should also be careful about using melon, because it can cause intestinal problems in the baby.

    Vegetables should not be mixed with foods rich in starch. It's better that it takes about 2.5-3 hours, after you ate the melon. After a plentiful lunch or dinner, it will linger in the stomach, and will not fall right into the intestine.

    In addition to useful properties, melon has contraindications. The product should not be used:

    • for people with diabetes.
    • patients suffering from infectious diseases of the digestive tract.
    • to nursing mothers with melon abuse( see what you can eat for nursing mothers).
    To get the most out of this product, do not mix it with other nutrients, do not overeat. It is also important to choose a healthy vegetable, with the least amount of nitrates. Buy this berries in August-September, make sure that it is not located at the side of the road. And then you will be satisfied with a real vitamin bomb, and your body will be thankful to you. Bon Appetit!

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