The average medical staff of the dental clinic

  • The average medical staff of the dental clinic

    In the dental clinic there are posts of the chief nurse, nurses of the stomatologic profile. In the hospital of the department of the maxillofacial area - the senior nurse, ward nurses, nurses of the admission department, nurses of the dressing room, stationary nurses.

    The main nurse of the dental clinic monitors compliance with the rules of the external regulations of the medical and preventive institution, the contract, the sanitary and epidemiological regime, controls the operation of the fire-fighting system, the fulfillment of safety requirements. The main nurse provides control over the work of middle and junior medical personnel, checks the workplaces of dentists before the start of the shift and in the process, the correctness of the nurses' documentation. The main nurse also monitors the availability, safety, serviceability of the equipment, the availability of tools, materials necessary in the process of work, replenishment of their stock, etc.

    A medical nurse of the dental profile should know:

    • features of the device and operation of the dental office;

    • available orders and instructions regarding its operation;

    • features of work with certain drugs, rules for their storage, operation, expiration dates;

    • rules for the provision of medical care in emergency situations;

    • rules for subcutaneous, intramuscular, intravenous injections;

    • rules for filling out medical records;

    • know and respect the basics of ethics and deontology;

    • the name of the administrator, chief physician, chief nurse, their phones, their personal signatures.

    The nurse of the dental profile makes the following manipulations:

    • the implementation of measures to comply with the sanitary and medical regime of the treatment and prophylactic institution - disinfection and sterilization of dental instruments, keeping the dentist's workplace in proper condition, etc.;

    • preparation of the doctor's workplace before the beginning of his working shift;

    • processing of the instrument table, dental unit, tips, etc.;

    • replenishment of the stock of materials and tools used during the reception of dental patients;

    • assistance to a dentist in performing auxiliary manipulations in the absence of a dental assistant in the staff of a dental clinic( help in working with a vacuum cleaner, saliva ejector, gun, cofferdam, preparing materials for work, etc.);

    • in the case of emergency conditions, under the guidance of a doctor, subcutaneous, intramuscular, intravenous injections.

    During work, the nurse must move through the dental office without creating inconvenience to the doctor's work. The nurse of the dental profile must follow the rules of the order of the medical institution, comply with the requirements of the contract concluded with her, the requirements for the regime of the medical institution of this type, the requirements for fire protection, compliance with safety regulations.

    The unfavorable factors of labor of nurses of the stomatological profile are: the possibility of infecting a number of diseases, the causative agents of which are in human biological fluids, the increased stress on the visual apparatus, the impact on the body of noise and vibration, the effect on the body of a large number of allergens, either by contact,drip.

    In the process of working, the dental instruments are directly in contact with the patient's biological fluids. To protect medical personnel from possible contamination, personal protective equipment should be used: masks, gloves, protective shields. In the office there is an emergency first-aid kit. To protect patients from possible infection, the gloves are changed, the mask after each patient, the treatment of the dental unit, the work of sterile instruments.