Application of a branch of mountain ash from napkins and colored paper for children

  • Application of a branch of mountain ash from napkins and colored paper for children

    Applications of various types - a great kind of creative activity that not only likes kids, but also develops various abilities, including small motor skills. In the process of cutting and combining figures from colored paper, children develop attention, understanding color, creative, imaginative thinking. Psychologists also say "For", since this activity has only a positive impact on the child. So, today we will consider, how it is possible to make application "a branch of a mountain ash" from napkins.

    Application of napkins in needlework

    This is a simple and necessary accessory for the kitchen. In addition to direct application, they can be used for the manufacture of applications. You can make absolutely different pictures that will be a nice gift for family and friends. It is worth noting that you can make napkins from the most simple applications to complex options like decoupage.

    Decoupage is a technique for decorating household items, various boxes and boxes. The basis for it is the gluing of an ornament, the pattern of which is most often made of a napkin.

    The history of tissue technology begins in the 15th century. In Germany in those days, decorated products with the help of decoupage technology, including furniture. Development of this occupation was received in the 17th century in Venice, when, due to the high cost of overseas furniture, Venetian masters had to apply the technology of gluing a picture to furniture. At the same time they covered the ornament with varnish in order to achieve the illusion of a natural surface.

    Step-by-step master class with photos of the work progress

    A hand-made napkin, in this case an image of a rowan tree, can be performed in the middle group of the kindergarten, for example, on Mother's Day.

    To perform the application you will need:

    • Napkins of different colors;
    • Cardboard;
    • Scissors;
    • Adhesive PVA;
    • Frame;
    • Felt-tip pen;
    • Wand.

    Napkins should be cut into small squares approximately 1 cm and arranged for convenience in trays in colors.

    On the cardboard, using a felt-tip pen, draw a rowan branch. It can also be laid out of the thread.

    Squares of dark maroon color are wound on a stick;

    The resulting square is dipped in glue.

    We glue to the branch, and carefully remove the stick.

    In this way it is necessary to collect the entire branch.

    From green, red and orange squares we collect leaves, and from pink we make berries.

    Here is an application we have learned from.

    By the way, this work will be performed with pleasure by the children from the older group.

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