• How to identify and how to treat myopia and hyperopia at the same time

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    Eyes are the most important organ of a person, which must be protected and treated very seriously by his health, regularly visited by a doctor for examination, to observe the correct mode of work and rest. And also to conduct special gymnastics for training the eyes and preventing the development of pathologies.

    With age, the visual organs undergo changes, vision deteriorates and there is a risk that hyperopia and myopia will occur simultaneously. Insufficiently trained eye muscles and their constant strong tension can provoke the formation of such lesions.

    In the modern world, people are increasingly working behind a computer monitor, exposing themselves to prolonged visual and brain loads. Non-compliance with hygiene standards, poor lighting contributes to the occurrence of eye pathologies. The statistics say that every fourth resident of a developed country suffers from myopia or farsightedness.

    This is mainly due to reasons from early childhood, when the school gives the child a large load, many homework that require reading and writing. In this case, teachers and doctors completely forget about the health of students, in this connection, the foundations of diseases of the visual organs arise. To prevent such problems, prevention plays an important role in order to maintain good vision.

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    Myopia is a disease in which a patient can see objects at close range, but at the same time, the clarity of the image is lost when it is distant from objects.

    Hyperopia is a disease in which, on the contrary, a person sees far distant objects much better than objects located near.

    Both pathologies can occur under the influence of various factors on the body, but for each of them, competent development of treatment and constant prevention is required.

    The causes of the development of pathologies

    Both hyperopia and myopia can develop in humans due to the influence of genetic factors, since the predisposition to the onset of the disease depends on the structure of the eye muscles and the eye.

    In addition, the disease can occur under the influence of a chronic infection on the human body, due to metabolic disorders or lack of certain vitamins and other nutrients. Myopia can manifest itself as a result of prolonged sitting at the computer. In addition, work associated with persistent strain on the organs of vision contributes to the deterioration of their work.

    Symptoms of simultaneous development of pathologies

    Some people develop simultaneously myopia and hyperopia, or one eye myopia other farsightedness. This is due to the fact that after forty years the lens of the eye loses its flexibility and becomes unable to change its position and shape, to make accommodation - a change in the focal length. A strong degree of simultaneous manifestation of both pathologies involves wearing special glasses with bifocal lenses or two different pair of glasses for viewing near and far away separately.

    The following are the signs of the described state:

    • Rapid eye fatigue.
    • The appearance of difficulties in the process of looking at small parts in the vicinity.
    • Loss of contrast of vision.
    • Need to increase the brightness of lighting.

    Diagnosis of diseases

    Continuous visit to the ophthalmologist will allow to detect the onset of the lesion in time and begin the correct treatment, which will depend on the profession and life of the individual patient.

    Treatment is performed in several ways depending on the severity of the problem - these are glasses for myopia and farsightedness, bifocal lenses - when one eye adjusts to a vision near, the other - in the distance. Often, surgical intervention is used to eliminate eye problems.

    Also at the same time the development of myopia and hyperopia often occurs with astigmatism, when the cornea of ​​the eye has an irregular shape, and therefore, the refractive force does not coincide in separate parts. In this state, the rays of light are focused immediately at two points, and not in one, which is characteristic of a healthy eye. At the first stages of development, astigmatism may not manifest itself in any way, so a person is not able to react to the development of pathology.

    Treatment of

    With the simultaneous development of hyperopia and myopia for treatment, special glasses or contact lenses are prescribed by an ophthalmologist. If the deterioration of vision continues the doctor conducts a serious examination, which results in the identification of the need for an operative intervention.

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