Methods of treating balanoposthitis - briefly about the important

  • Methods of treating balanoposthitis - briefly about the important

    Of all sexually transmitted diseases, balanoposthitis occurs in men more often than all the rest. Inflammation of the glans penis directly is called balanitis, and when the inflammation of the prepuce is also attached, then postitis occurs.

    The presence of two inflammatory phenomena is called "balanoposthitis".

    What are the causes of the disease?

    The causes of balanoposthitis are several factors. By the nature of the occurrence of balanoposthitis divide into primary and secondary. Primary balanoposthitis develops quite trite: if hygiene rules are not followed, with phimosis, as well as with other forms of significant accumulation of smegma.

    At first, mechanical irritation of the mucous membrane can develop, smoothly turning into chemical irritation of the skin of the glans penis and mucous membrane. Under such conditions, pathogenic and conditionally pathogenic microorganisms that cause inflammatory processes multiply easily.

    External causes may also be the causes of the inflammatory reaction: medicines, chemicals that are part of hygiene products.

    Development of secondary balanopostitis

    Secondary balanoposthitis occurs against the background of urethritis, allergic reactions, diabetes mellitus, and also against the background of some infectious diseases. There are predisposing factors for the development of this disease. This disease can lead to banal non-observance of elementary rules of hygiene, hypothermia, infectious and catarrhal diseases, renal pathology, mechanical trauma, frequent change of sexual partner.

    Phimosis leads to the development of balanoposthitis?

    Narrowing of the outer foramina in the foreskin is called phimosis. The causes of phimosis are often a congenital anomaly, as well as a complication acquired during life associated with various diseases.

    In this case, the head of the penis opens with great difficulty, which further complicates hygienic procedures, as well as urination. The skin on the head and foreskin is thin enough for a man, so the likelihood of permanent injury to her clothing fabrics is high. This can occur during hygiene, walking, and also with active sexual contact.

    What is the symptomatology of balanoposthitis?

    Balanoposthitis - symptoms of an acute process, or chronic. Often, it is divided into an erosive, simple, pustular, ulcerative and gangrenous form.

    Balanoposthitis in men often has an acute course. In this case, there are discharges, which differ from the usual in color, odor and consistency. It is often possible to observe the purulent nature of secretions that have an unpleasant odor. They are yellow or yellow-green in color.

    There are souvenirs with an unpleasant pungent smell. The foreskin is highly swollen, it is difficult to remove the skin from the foreskin, as there is considerable soreness. Complaints in the patient usually on periodic pain, itching, pain when urinating, for the presence of purulent discharge.

    Often, this symptomatology is accompanied by an increase in body temperature, chills, weakness, up to a slight dizziness. Chronic course is possible with diabetes, in the case of sexually transmitted diseases, herpes infections, fungal infections and other infectious diseases.

    What are the complications of the disease and how to diagnose it?

    With the timely treatment of balanoposthitis does not cause any complications. If the treatment does not start in time, then complications such as: the appearance of a member of small ulcers, lymphangitis, red bands on the back of the penis.

    Progressive disease leads to inguinal lymphadenitis. All this is fraught with the appearance of gangrene of the penis.

    Diagnosis usually does not cause difficulties. The presence of characteristic complaints, an objective examination of the penis, a fence of smears from the urethra - all this helps to make an accurate diagnosis and reveal the nature of the inflammatory process.

    Methods of treatment

    In order to make balanoposthitis treatment for men with maximum efficiency it is necessary to use special techniques. As a treatment, local therapy is used: washing the mucous sac with antiseptic solutions, for example, 0.5% silver nitrate solution, chlorhexidine, furacilin, and weak solutions of potassium permanganate.

    Washings are carried out 3-4 times a day. It is also good to use to wash the bath with antibiotics or herbal decoctions and infusions. With large edema, ointments and aerosols can be used. With severe lesions of the foreskin, surgical intervention on the foreskin of the penis is possible.
    Treatment of balanoposthitis at home

    Can balanoposthitis - treatment at home without the appointment of a specialist doctor? Definitely not. It is always necessary to have a detailed consultation before starting treatment for this serious disease. At home, you can use caution with antiseptic solutions and baths with decoctions.

    Treatment of candidiasis balanoposthitis

    Candida balanoposthitis is caused by candida fungi, therefore the most common drug for the treatment of this disease is Clotrimazole.

    It is available in ointment forms, as well as in solutions and aerosols. To use the inside use tablets "Dyuflukam".It is advisable to consult a dermatologist before use. For prevention, you can apply Nystatin or Levorin, which are active against these fungi.

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