• Hairstyles for long hair, gathered up: step by step instructions

    Without a doubt, long hair gives the woman charm and makes her any image more feminine, refined. This length allows you to perform different in style and complexity of laying and hairstyles. You can do both simple everyday hairstyles and elegant solemn ones. Beautifully look hairstyles, the performance of which involves fixing all the hair up or behind.

    In this article, the schemes will be presented, after which they will learn how to make hairstyles for long hair gathered up, fixed at the back and on the crown in the form of a beam. In particular, options will be offered for each day, as well as for publication. Separately, a photo of a selection of wedding hairstyles in this style will be presented.

    The best options for every day

    Below you will find the diagrams for performing simple everyday, yet elegant hairstyles from long hair. A simple and beautiful variant of the hairstyle for each day is to fix the side strands from behind and form a bow of them.

    1. For this, the hair should be well combed and the lateral wide strands separated.
    2. Then the strands should be wound back and secured with an elastic band.
    3. Then the resulting tail should be stretched through the elastic band in such a way that a loop is formed.
    4. Then the resulting loop should be divided into two identical halves.
    5. The top part of each of the halves should be fixed with invisible objects, and the middle of the bow should be wrapped with a hair band.
    6. Remaining hair can be curled or simply left loose. A step-by-step photo instruction is located just below.

    Another option for a quick and elegant hairstyle is to twist the flagella from the side strands and fasten them from behind. This hairstyle can be easily done by yourself.

    1. For this, the hair must be combed, and the ends of the strands should be curled on a curling rod.
    2. Then the hair should be scratched on the back of the head and on the sides, so that later the volume will turn out.
    3. Then the hair must be divided into the parting, either lateral or central.
    4. Next, on each side, you need to separate the same strands of width and twist the flagella from them, moving toward the top of the head.
    5. At the final stage, the flagella should be wound back and secured with invisibility.

    Fixing the hair at the back and at the top

    Long hair can be made with a wonderful variety of evening hairstyles. You can collect hair and fix them on the side, behind or above. Such hairstyles with gathered hair give an image of tenderness and femininity. To make hairstyles for long hair collected from behind, it is possible with preliminary weaving braid.

    In order to perform a hairstyle based on a three-dimensional braid, you can collect the hair in the tail, then select four strands and braid the braid from them. You can braid the French braid from the side, starting from the forehead. After the braids are ready, they must be laid from behind and fixed with invisibility.

    Original hair looks from long hair, when the hair is collected and fixed at the top, for example, in the form of a beam. The bunch can be made strict, so that it harmonizes with the evening dress, it can be careless and everyday.

    In order to obtain a rigorous version of the beam, the hair should be collected on the back of the head or on the crown. Then the resulting tail should be twisted in the form of a bundle, and then form a knot, for the strength of fixing it invisible.

    Wedding Options

    Long hair gives the opportunity to create a variety of wedding hairstyles. It can be lush, voluminous hairstyles, with complex weaving and interesting ornaments. Below, photos will be presented, which will showcase the options for wedding hairstyles with flowing hair, with hair partially seated on the side, above and behind.

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