The color of the hazelnut hair: the photo of the stars to whom this shade fits, the testimonials about the colors of Estelle and Garnier

  • The color of the hazelnut hair: the photo of the stars to whom this shade fits, the testimonials about the colors of Estelle and Garnier

    Natural rich hair color has always been popular. That is why it is not at all surprising that most women dye their hair not in bright colors, but in natural shades. To this shade refers the color of the hair of the hazelnut, photos of beauties with such a shade you will see below.

    To whom go the hair of the nutty shade

    Very expressive, this color looks in the girls belonging to the autumn color. To whom such color suits:

    • at you a skin of a golden shade;
    • you have an ivory skin tone and there are freckles;
    • if you are the owner of red or golden hues of hair;
    • if you have reddish brows or eyelashes;
    • if you have a rich eye color. The most beautiful is the nut looks on the green-eyed girls.

    Do not despair, if you do not belong to the autumn color, the hazelnut may suit girls with dark hair color or light and any skin. Moreover, you can see photos and pick up your shade of nut.

    How is hair coloring in the color of hazelnut

    To give your hair such a beautiful color, it's enough just to choose the paint that suits you. If you are asking questions: "What color is it?" Or "What does it look like?" - it's best to ask the stylist for help.

    To date, there are many manufacturers of hair dyes that can offer such a shade. But it is necessary to remember simple advice from the beginning.

    • If you have a fairly light skin tone, then consider the fact that this tone of hair is rather dark, and that it looks normal to you, it is worth to visit the solarium.
    • If you have dark hair, it is better to lighten them a couple of tones before painting in a nut.
    • Blonde girls can be dyed safely without preliminary clarifications.

    We select the hair dye

    Nature has provided not one but several shades of hazelnut. And paint manufacturers can offer many small nuances of this color. Each manufacturer makes its own shade of hazelnut, so choose extremely carefully.

    Today, the paints from Garnier and Estelle are very popular. Both paints are professional, they fit perfectly on the hair and give a unique shade, plus a pleasant price. They offer different types of shades, here are their main names:

    • classic hazelnut;
    • golden hazelnut;
    • light hazelnut with golden tint;
    • is a dark hazelnut with a deep dark color.

    What do customers say about these paints?



    "Yesterday I painted my mother with Garnier's paint." I did not hide it, I doubted the result, because I do not know this paint at all, we were advised by a familiar hairdresser. "I bought a hazelnut shade
    To be honest, I was pleasantly surprised, goodpaint, and I never used it. "The gray hair was completely painted, the hair after it was soft, had a good shine, and the color completely coincided with what is shown in the picture on the package." Perhaps I myself will start painting my hair with this paint. "


    "I have been using Estel's professional paint for almost three years, of course, it is slightly more expensive, but it is quite affordable and very good to dye your hair." She does not irritate her skin for a long time, the skin is gentle for her hair, but, as you know, anypaint is useful to call it difficult. "


    "I dyed Garnier's hair, I was completely satisfied with the color, the paint was very smooth." A week after painting, the hair is soft and does not break. "


    "I tried a lot of different hair colors, but Estelle only liked me, very important observation: the dark tone is almost not washed out, the hair does not fade and does not reddish."