The omission of the kidneys, which is useful massage at the omission of the kidneys

  • The omission of the kidneys, which is useful massage at the omission of the kidneys

    In a normal state, the kidneys can move slightly during respiration or when the body position changes. The amplitude of displacement is related to the depth of exhalation and inspiration and, as a rule, does not exceed three to five centimeters. If the organ becomes too mobile, then it should be said about nephroptosis, in the treatment of which massage helps with ovulation of the kidneys.

    Massage is usually performed on the front or back of the body in a certain order.

    Obstruction of the kidney is provoked by any innate anatomical and physiological features, for example, weakening of the apparatus responsible for fixing the kidneys. Also, omission occurs after pregnancy or injury. Because of the large fetus, the abdominal wall stretches very much, its muscles lose their tone, which causes a decrease in intra-abdominal pressure and, as a consequence, nephroptosis.

    Why massage has a positive effect on the functioning of the kidneys

    People who have suffered from kidney pathologies are quickly tired, their attention is noticeably worsening, legs and hands often freeze and swell.

    The whole body feels heavy and there is a desire to lie down. In patients, teeth begin to deteriorate, eyes become tired quickly, eyesight, hearing deteriorates. Also, frequent urge to urinate or, on the contrary, urinary retention is difficult and accompanied by pain. There is pain in the lower back, in the knees, and the face swells. Often patients do not want to sleep at night, and during the day they feel fatigue and drowsiness.

    Specialists of Chinese medicine help that the increase in the frequency of renal pathologies correlates with modern technologies, because of which the state of the environment is deteriorating. The cause of the development of the disease can be even work at the computer, because a large load on the eyes contributes to the deterioration of the kidneys.

    Often kidney diseases are supplemented by anemia, impaired sexual activity and a host of other troubles.

    This is important! All of these abnormalities indicate that the work of the kidneys should be given special attention. For this, the massage complex is used. In addition, massage beneficially affects the functioning of the kidneys and stimulates the work of the adrenal glands.

    Despite the fact that the kidneys are located on the side of the back, massage can be realized from the side of the abdomen. You can get to the kidneys and through the front wall of the abdominal region, but this is more difficult, and to determine the exact location of the kidneys, you need to undergo additional diagnostics.

    The technique of complex massage

    Massage can be done on the back or on the front side of the body.

    For this, there is a strictly established order:

    • Planar stroking in the direction from top to bottom from the waist region to the middle of the head - 7 to 8 movements.
    • Waist segment stroking - 4 - 8 movements.
    • Drilling technique - 7 - 8 movements.
    • Effects on the gaps between the spinal vertebral sprouts - 10 - 12 movements.
    • Movement "saw", which is held alternately from each side - 7 - 8 movements.
    • Stroking zones around the blades along the perimeter - 6 - 8 movements.
    • Rubbing the surface on both blades, which must be done simultaneously from two sides - 8 - 10 movements.
    • Rubbing the inner parts on both shoulder blades - 6 - 8 movements.
    • Belt strokes on both sides.
    • Moving along all the back in turn with each side - 10 - 12 movements.
    • Plane stroking of the entire back - 4 - 6 movements.

    This is important! At the end of the procedure, you need to massage at the bottom of the chest in order to prevent possible negative consequences towards the spinal column.

    At the end of the massage, it is advisable to perform breathing exercises.

    The full course of massage includes 10 to 16 sessions, and the exact amount will depend on the reaction of the human body. The session takes about twenty to thirty minutes and takes place 3-4 times a week. In the middle of the course, a break of two weeks is required.

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