Men's hairstyles for medium hair: photos of beautiful and stylish models

  • Men's hairstyles for medium hair: photos of beautiful and stylish models

    As a rule, men are not one of those who take care of their appearance with the same painstakingness as women, but in some situations it really needs to look beautiful and representative, that's why they care about their appearance. But here the problem is maturing, as in women: not all hair can come to you.

    So, for wide cheekbones, voluminous hairstyles are preferable, for thin or even sunken cheeks - high hairstyles. There are a lot of criteria, but in this article I suggest that you consider the most common and popular male hairstyles for medium hair. First of all, here are a few photos that will help you see the length of medium hair for men.

    As you can see, there are quite a few kinds of male hairstyles for medium hair, giving the image either a disheveled and untidy appearance, or, conversely, impressive and representative.


    Straight men's haircuts are called equal and precise hairstyles, designed for serious personalities, who should look positively in a position, basically, these haircuts are suitable for men with a thin face. Despite the fact that direct haircuts are accented on accuracy and simplicity, it does not prevent to say that they are really beautiful to some extent. I suggest you consider some examples.

    And here are the video lessons from which you will learn how these hairdresses are made by the hands of the masters.

    Frayed and asymmetrical

    The following types of haircuts, which we will consider, are called rasped and asymmetrical. A perfect example of male individuality and independence is this type of haircuts. This gives you complete freedom to your personal preferences.

    The hairdress can be voluminous and disheveled, but at the same time you will go to such an image, or, asymmetric with a bang, more like a teenage version. By the way, haircuts with curly hair also come here. And the leading style haircuts are also precisely from this category.

    I suggest you consider some options.

    As you can see, you can not predict what type of men these types of hairstyles will suit, even for one person in one situation one haircut will be acceptable, and in another it is quite different. But, nevertheless, it does not prevent you from trying out a few similar haircuts and, finally, to find the one that suits you best.

    And now your attention is invited to consider several master classes that will teach you how to make similar hairstyles to yourself.

    Interesting haircut Undercut performed by Anton Shmelev: