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    Calorie Diet: Essence and Features of Weight Loss
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  • Calorie Diet: Results and Feedback

Calorie Diet: how much you can lose weight, the results of

According to nutritionists, it is the diet for caloriesis considered the most effective dietary method, which allows you to quickly lose weight.

Calorie Diet: Essence and Features of Weight Loss ^

Calories are an expression of the energy units that come with food. With a low-active lifestyle, a person needs to eat 1800 Kcal per day, but if there is a desire to lose weight, then this indicator should be reduced to 1200 Kcal or less.

The main feature of the diet with calorie counting is that there are practically no prohibitions, but it is better to eat 1-2 low-fat meals instead of high-calorie roasted meat for 500 kcal: hunger is quenched much faster, besides fat cells are not laid off from it.

Diet on calories: the pros and cons

The main advantages of diet for weight loss in calories are expressed in the following:

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  • It allows you to lose weight very quickly, but the rate and the rate of weight reduction depends on the caloric content of the menu;
  • If you understand all the intricacies and make up your menu correctly, you can withstand it without much difficulty.

The disadvantage of this technique is its complexity: it is necessary to monitor each meal and count calories using the table. In addition, it is not recommended for pregnant and lactating mothers, and people with chronic diseases should consult a doctor in advance.

To rationally make up your menu and avoid bouts of hunger, it is worth using the list of recommended products:

  • Low-fat varieties of meat and fish;
  • Low-fat kefir and cottage cheese;
  • Vegetables and fruits;
  • Berries;
  • Green;
  • Kashi;
  • Natural juices and compotes;
  • Green tea.

Avoid fried foods, smoked foods and sweets: they negatively affect the work of the digestive tract and promote weight gain, not weight loss. To facilitate the diet, you need to eat in small portions, but often - every 2-3 hours, and drink plenty of water.

Calorie Diet: Diagram, menu ^

Calorie Diet: Menu Options for Rapid Weight Loss

500 Calorie Diet per Day

This method is suitable for those who want to lose up to 5 kg for an equal number of days:

  • We have breakfast with two boiled egg proteins and ½ grapefruit;
  • For lunch - fresh vegetables( 250 g);
  • Lunch boiled chicken breast and 200 grams of vegetables;
  • We snack a glass of juice;
  • We dine with vegetable salad with the addition of chicken meat( 200 g).

Diet 600 calories per day

You can slightly simplify the previous menu, adding to it 100 Kcal:

  • We have a salad of fruit filled with low-fat yogurt. We also eat an omelet from two proteins;
  • We have dinner with boiled fish and brown rice;
  • We dine 100 g of cottage cheese with the addition of berries, 120 g of boiled beets and 200 g of 1% kefir.

Diet 800 calories: menu for a week

If you want to lose up to 5 kg in just 7 days, it is worth all the week to make a menu in such a likeness:

  • In the morning we eat 100 g of cottage cheese, we drink it with green tea;
  • We ate the apple for lunch;
  • Dinner 150 grams of stewed vegetables, 100 g of chicken breast boiled, drink all the tea;
  • We dine 100 g of boiled beef, raw vegetables and 200 g of low-fat kefir or milk.

Diet 1000 calories per day

Another easy way to get rid of excess weight is to use this menu:

  • We have breakfast with a slice of rye bread, tomato, 100 grams of cottage cheese, fat-free, 250 g of green tea;
  • Instead of a snack for lunch, drink kefir;
  • Lunch 70 g buckwheat porridge, 50 g steamed chicken breast, 100 grams of fresh vegetable salad;
  • We dine 30 grams of bran bread, a slice of chicken ham, tomato, ½ grapefruit and a cup of tea.

Diet 1200 calories

The light version is suitable for those who want to lose weight in a week for 2-3 kg:

  • In the morning we eat steam omelet, vegetable salad, a slice of rye bread. We drink unsweetened coffee;
  • At lunch we eat 150 g of cabbage salad;
  • Lunch a bowl of low-fat soup, vegetable salad, 100 grams of meat and a glass of water or juice;
  • We snack a piece of cheese and 300 g of fruit;
  • In the evening we eat stewed vegetables and fish.

Diet for 1400 calories a day: menu

Of all the simple options for losing weight the most optimal is this:

  • We have breakfast with carrot fresh, squash pancakes, boiled egg and a cup of coffee;
  • For lunch we bake an apple with a curd filling;
  • We have dinner with pumpkin soup, baked salmon and a salad of carrot and pepper;
  • For a mid-morning snack, eat 100 grams of yogurt and a small banana;We have dinner with baked chicken, vegetables and tea.

A 1,600 calorie diet per day: the

menu If you can not handle more severe rations, you can take advantage of the lightweight:

  • We have breakfast muesli with nuts and dried fruits with milk, apple and carrot salad. We drink coffee or tea unsweetened;
  • At lunch we eat peach and grapefruit;
  • Lunch 250 ml of beetroot, a slice of bread, a small portion of boiled buckwheat, stewed vegetables, 70 g of beef goulash and fruit tea;
  • We snack 150 g low fat yogurt;
  • We have dinner with casserole from cottage cheese with pears, we wash down fruit and berry jelly.

Diet calorie counting: table

To correctly calculate your calorie rate for a day, it is worth using the calorie tables for ready meals.

We also recommend to read the article Pelmeni diet.

Calorie Diet: Results and Feedback ^

The final result and the effectiveness of a calorie-based diet depend on the total calorie intake and strict adherence to the prescribed rules. On average, a week on the menu of 800 Kcal can reset to 5 kg, but nutritionists recommend using a diet for 1200 Kcal: you can not lose weight fast on it, but it is the safest.

Calorie Diet: reviews of those who have lost weight

Daria, 28 years old:

"A year after I gave birth, I lost 10 kg for a couple of months, eating 1200 Kcal per day. For me, this is the most inexpensive option, given that at that time just began to wean the daughter from the breast - on the child the change of my diet did not affect "

Valentina, 30 years old:

" I put myself in a strict framework and ate 500 grams inday during the week. The result - dropped 7.5 kg, but to sustain such a diet was very difficult "

Olga, 34 years old:

" I tried several times to lose weight on different diets, but without success. A month ago, I reduced my diet to 1000 Kcal per day, and then there were first successes: for the week started to throw off 2-4 kg. "