Nutrition and herbs from kidney pain. Causes of pain development

  • Nutrition and herbs from kidney pain. Causes of pain development

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    In the presence of kidney stones or other lesions of this organ, pain develops in the lumbar region. It is important to find and eliminate the cause of the appearance of stones and take measures to eliminate pain. Herbs from kidney pain help to significantly ease the patient's condition.

    The main causes of pain

    The correct organization of treatment is impossible without an accurate diagnosis. First, you need to find out what triggered the disease. In the absence of doubt in the defeat of the kidneys, it will be necessary to establish the exact causes of the ailment.

    There are several:

    1. Pain can be caused by an infectious process in the kidneys, and become a consequence of the inflammatory process. The main reason for the development of such a disease is the hypothermia of the body.
    2. Attacks of acute pain or otherwise renal colic can occur due to impaired excretion of urine from the body. It is very dangerous to neglect treatment.
    3. Kidneys can be sore due to a change in their location - this is the so-called wandering kidney syndrome, organ prolapse or ureteric bend.
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    The most effective methods of traditional medicine

    The folk recipes that are prepared on the basis of rhizome cortex, henna, bay leaf, balsam oil, hawthorn, bitter wormwood, wild rue, mountain parsley, wild cucumber roots and seeds, wild seeds help well from kidney pain.radishes, asparagus roots, etc. It is the roots of asparagus that are considered the most effective means of traditional medicine.

    When forming concrements, the following recipes are well cope with the pain:

    • Pepper grains should be finely ground. Of these, seven cakes are made, which take one piece per day. This recipe effectively helps to remove stones along with urine.
    • The fruits of the balsam tree, leaves of dried wild mint, seeds of dried mountain basil effectively help. All this you need to shred in equal proportions and pour a small amount of diluted wine, then take every day for 120 grams.
    • A good folk prescription for pain in the kidneys is a mask, which includes seeds of beans, melons, saffron and safrole. You can also add crushed cherry berries. The whole mass should be poured with honey, and then it is taken at 12 grams at a time.

    The patient will also need to take a decoction of pumpkin seeds, make compresses from the crushed flaxseed before going to bed, flooded with water.

    This is important! Mandatory for the diagnosis of kidney stones, you need to eat up to 3 kg of watermelon daily, because watermelon is considered an effective means of cleansing the kidneys. Eat it best before taking a bath with warm water - this allows you to remove and destroy stones much faster.

    First aid for a patient with renal colic

    A patient suffering from renal colic must be hospitalized on a mandatory basis, because colic is mainly caused by obstruction of the urinary canal, speaking of the development of urolithiasis.

    The following methods of treatment can be used as first aid:

    • The removal of spasms occurs when immersed for 10 - 20 minutes in hot water, which previously added herbs of oregano, sage, chamomile, linden, birch. This bath has a strong soothing effect on the kidneys. The patient should then be kept warm for at least two hours. In the absence of puffiness and heart pathologies, a copious drink is needed to clear the obstruction in the ureter.
    • Relieves the condition of a warm compress on the lumbar region in combination with spasmolytic injections and taking pain medications.

    Nutrition in the manifestation of kidney pain

    It is impossible to overestimate the importance of proper nutrition in the treatment of kidney disease. During an exacerbation it is necessary to organize a two-day fasting, to drink daily only two glasses of water with the addition of 100 grams of sugar.

    In general, the meal involves limiting the amount of water that should not be more than 1.5 liters, and the consumption of meat and salt is also limited. It is important to abandon foods prepared by preserving or smoking. It is preferable to consume only softened water and once a week organize a day during which it is important to drink a lot, eat food with a diuretic effect, such as watermelons, cucumbers and apples.

    This is important! There is a treatment for kidney disease, which is based only on a diet. With the development of the symptoms of acute inflammation in the kidneys, the stomach is cleared to the patient, then he is given a drink made of medicinal plants - sage, mint, lime flowers, raspberry to activate the sweat glands. For the same purpose, after completing the decoction, it is important for the patient to go to bed, wrap himself up and put a bottle of hot water next to it.

    Always kidney damage requires proper nutrition, appropriate treatment and supervision by a specialist. Almost always therapy is lengthy and prolonged for several years or even for a lifetime to prevent recurrence of the disease and the development of complications.

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