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    Metabolic diet helps to lose weight by regulating hormone release

    Metabolic diet is a weight loss method basedon the acceleration of metabolism in the body. It is distinguished by its effectiveness and lasting preservation of the result.

    The essence and characteristics of the hormonal metabolic technique of weight loss ^

    The meaning of the metabolic diet is to minimize the release of hormones of insulin and estrogen, on which the accumulation of fat deposits depends, and to promote the appearance of hormones that burn fats( epinephrine, norepinephrine, testosterone, somatotropin).

    In order to lose weight, you do not need to count calories and starve the body. The secret of the food system is simple - you need to correctly distribute the products in the daily diet.

    Often in the reviews of the metabolic diet indicate the absence of contraindications, but in fact it is not. There is a certain risk. It is associated with changes in the hormonal system that are stressful to the body.

    This is especially true for people suffering from cancer, diabetes and disorders of the endocrine system. Pregnant women and lactating mothers are forbidden the first stage of the diet. Before the start of the dietary course, you should always consult a doctor.

    Pros of the metabolic method of weight loss:

    • You do not need to count the calories eaten and forbid your favorite dishes.
    • The principle of a competent approach to making menus brings results even at night - protein food, eaten for dinner without carbohydrates, promotes the formation of a somatotropin, which burns fat cells.
    • This system is balanced, includes all the necessary substances and does not harm the body.
    • Suitable for people with diseases of the digestive system.
    • Has no laxative effect.

    The minus of a metabolic type diet consisting of three main stages, only one - it will not be possible to lose weight very quickly. However, it is worth remembering that the loss of more than 1 kg per week is bad for health.

    Metabolic diet: stages and approximate menu ^

    The principle of nutrition in the metabolic system is the division of products into 5 groups depending on the carbohydrate content. At certain times of the day you need to eat dishes from the products of a certain group. At the same time, you do not have to limit yourself in anything, just all your products have their time.

    The first stage - fat burning

    Lasts for 2 weeks. At this time fats are intensively burnt. Eating this time is only necessary products with zero carbohydrate and fat content. Also every day you need to drink vitamins and olive oil( on a tablespoon).

    If the result is not achieved for some reason, then the first phase of the program must be restarted after a 15-day break. Some people may feel side effects of changes in the body: weakness, sweating, tinnitus. In this case, you need to drink sweet tea and go to the next stage of the metabolic diet.

    The second stage is the normalizing

    . Each person can adjust its duration depending on the goal and its indicators. Weight decreases stably. The power plan is as follows:

    The third stage is the fastening

    . At this stage, the result achieved in the previous stages of the weight reduction course is fixed. In the menu, you should add 1 point - everywhere except dinner. If the weight is still decreasing, add 1 more point.

    Score table for metabolic diet

    Points are calculated very simply, according to the laws of mathematics. For example, we will calculate a meal consisting of four points. Variants can be the following:

    • product in 4 points and any number of products - in 0 points:
    • one product from the list of 3 points, one - from 1 points, the rest - 0 points;
    • two products with 2 points each.

    The metabolic diet can include soup, however, not any, but cooked according to certain rules. So, the use of soup - mashed potatoes is forbidden, since the latter is prepared with the addition of cream and butter. In the first phase of the slimming program, soups should be prepared as follows:

    • on water;
    • exclude potatoes, beets, carrots and cereals;
    • not to fry;
    • not add mayonnaise and sour cream;
    • can put vegetables;
    • allowed meat or fish that have 0 points.

    Examples of dishes for the metabolic dietary course

    4 points:

    • oatmeal porridge and berries;
    • whey powder with cucumber, boiled chicken, eggs and a bit of sausage or potatoes;
    • beetroot soup with cucumbers, boiled veal or beef and eggs;
    • boiled green beans with corn
    • potato casserole with mushrooms.

    3 points:

    • crab meat salad;
    • vegetable salad and millet porridge;
    • fruit cocktail.

    2 points:

    • oatmeal porridge( without sugar);
    • carrot casserole;
    • whey powder with cucumber, boiled chicken and eggs;
    • Greek salad( with Feta cheese or brynza);
    • salad of carrots( cooked) and green peas;
    • salad - sauerkraut, onions and green peas.

    1 point:

    • stewed eggplant with tomatoes, green beans, greens;
    • salad from boiled beans, boiled chicken fillet and tomatoes;
    • cottage cheese( low-fat) with berries ;
    • milk berry cocktail.

    0 баллов:

    • tuna baked in foil;
    • fried eggs with mushrooms and greens;
    • fried eggs on tomatoes with greens;
    • salad of cucumbers, tomatoes and celery;
    • salad from cabbage, radish and cucumber;
    • salad from cabbage( red) with onion( or garlic).

    A portion of food should not exceed 250-300 ml by volume, that is a glass. You can combine the products until you get the correct score. The number of points at its discretion can not be increased, it is possible to reduce it. Having underestimated points at the previous meal, they can not be added to the next. The break between meals should not be more than 3 hours.

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    Results, reviews of thin and doctors about the metabolic diet ^

    The results of the metabolic diet are quite high. The people who tried it on average lost about 4 kg per month. The effect is not so fast, but stable and harmless to health. Total thanks to the course you can lose up to 30 kg, which will never return.

    Weight loss program is easy to transfer, since the food is balanced, the body does not suffer from a deficit in any products. Doctors give positive feedback about the metabolic diet, because in itself it is a healthy diet. Exit from the dietary weight loss course in itself is the third stage. His rules can be followed for a long time, the main thing is not to start eating too much.

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