Insidious Vitaminitis: Treatment, Symptoms and Causes

  • Insidious Vitaminitis: Treatment, Symptoms and Causes

    Insufficient level of vitamins not the best way affects the body as a whole. Often beriberi are confused with an easier form of vitamin deficiency - hypovitaminosis. The manifestation of avitaminosis occurs more significantly, which is due to the total absence of vitamins required for the normal functioning of the body systems. In this article, we will understand that it is possible to treat or prevent vitamin deficiency.

    Causes of vitamin deficiency

    1. Insufficiency of vitamins can cause and problems with digestion, kidney and liver diseases, extreme hobbies, smoking, nervous overstrain, occupational hazards. Undoubtedly, the lack of vitamins occurs during pregnancy, during the period of active growth of children, in old age due to impaired absorption and poor assimilation of nutrients.
    2. Everyone knows spring avitaminosis - treatment of this condition may not be required if during the winter correctly take minerals in the form of medications. You can not do without this, because to replenish the level of vitamins in the body daily you need to eat more than 1.5 kg of vegetables and fruits, the benefit of which in winter is very low.
    3. After various infectious diseases of the organs of the gastrointestinal tract and a long reception of antibiotics, a dysbacteriosis arises. As a result of this, absorption and formation of vitamins is disrupted, vitamin B1 and even inadequate content of all B group nutrients occurs.
    4. Taking medications that block vitamins and their action in the body. These include drugs that are used in the treatment of high blood coagulability. Even with full consumption of minerals, a picture of their complete absence may develop.

    Symptoms of the disease

    The first symptom may be manifestations of beriberi on the skin. If you find acne on the face, dry skin, you can talk about the lack of vitamins A, C, E, as well as biotin and zinc. Deterioration of vision, nervousness, fatigue arises from the lack of B vitamins.

    Pigmentation and inflammation of the skin, with rashes not only on the face, but also on the neck and back, can lead to vitamin B2 vitamin deficiency. Also about his lack speak at cracks on lips which do not pass after use of emollients for a long time.

    With a sudden change in weight, stretch marks are formed, which indicates a lack of vitamins B6, E, zinc. Absence of vitamin B6 is manifested by the development of caries, a sharp onset of depression and irritability. Seldom can be observed anemia, lesions of mucous membranes and skin.

    About the lack of vitamin D can talk problems with teeth, joint and muscle pain, perhaps the development of rickets. More often children's vitamin deficiency is characterized by a lack of this vitamin.

    The absence of vitamin B12 causes dizziness, palpitations and weakness, becoming manifestations of anemia. When diagnosing, you can identify the presence in the intestines of helminths, which suck out the whole vitamin B12.Particular attention should be paid to vitamin B1, because its absence leads to disruption of the heart, the breakdown of the central nervous system and leads to a general energy starvation of cells in the body. If the patient develops an avitaminosis - the treatment of this condition should begin immediately, because it depends on the working capacity of a person and the state of his health.

    Treatment and therapy

    We all know that any trouble is easier to prevent, but still not always follow this rule. If there are several symptoms listed that spread to some parts of the body, you should immediately begin replenishing the missing vitamins.

    Before you treat vitamin deficiency, naturally, you need to find out the cause of the occurrence. As you know, the first anxiety about the condition of the body beats the skin, because it is the largest organ in the human body. You should start taking special multivitamins, introduce a rational diet and give preference to food that contains antioxidants.

    Aviataminosis on the legs is manifested by edema and eventually leads to paralysis of the legs. It is necessary to enter vitamins of group B, to eat bean cultures, buckwheat, wheat bread, by-products, cod, dairy products. At the advanced stages enter intravenously or intramuscularly nicotinic acid, thiamin or take tablets from beriberi. Also, the rules apply to other parts of the body. About the presence of beriberi can speak dry skin, swelling of the extremities. Such manifestations can be confused with allergies, for example, in household chemistry, which often appears on the hands, because the diagnosis: avitaminosis on the hands and treatment can be chosen incorrectly. Therefore, it is important to consult a doctor in time, which will correctly identify the cause.

    Treatment of avitaminosis is successful if a person leads a healthy lifestyle and takes vitamins and minerals, selected individually, taking into account the state of health and age. In some cases, people's remedies for vitamin deficiency can come to the rescue. Replenish the defect will help:

    • Briar leaves. They should be poured with boiling water and drunk like tea.
    • A mixture of ground currant and honey syrup( 6 tablespoons of honey pour 0.5 litrovyapryatka).The syrup is enough for 2 days. It turns out not only useful, but also a tasty drink that will quench the thirst of vitamins, because drinking with vitamin deficiency often wants vitamin cocktails.
    • Decoction of needles. Take 100 ghvoi and pour 1 with a liter of boiling water. Insist for at least 2 hours and take 100 ml 3 - 4 times during the day.
    • Drink from 2 tbsp.spoons of honey, dissolved in a glass of warm water, juice with 1 lemon and carrot juice( take 1 kg) are taken 3 to 4 times a day.

    Observing the rules of nutrition, conducting a constant prevention, you can not resort to the scheme of vitamin deficiency - treatment. To do this, you only need to consult a doctor for the proper selection of vitamins and minerals and their regular intake. In addition, the rational diet, rest, exclusion of bad habits is necessarily added. Only with this state of affairs, one can feel a surge of strength every day.

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