Nails for the New Year 2016 - design of the nails( + photo)

  • Nails for the New Year 2016 - design of the nails( + photo)

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    On the eve of the holidays, women put themselves in order. Pick up outfits, hair, make a manicure. Female hands are one of the main areas that men pay special attention to. Manicure for the New Year should be bright and stylish. After all, the beauty of women's hands is another advantage of the beautiful half of society.

    Natural and natural nails have always been in vogue.

    Please note! Too long or sharp marigolds are no longer relevant.

    If nevertheless you want extruded nails for the New Year 2016 - you should choose the optimal length and fashion manicure.

    Extension of nails

    For a long time, gel build-up remains, as well as a coating with a colored gel-varnish. Such manicure is stable, besides it is ideal for meeting 2016 year. Nails can be decorated with a pattern, color and add decor. New-year nails in this style look good.

    Christmas decoration

    Santa's hat

    When creating a New Year's manicure do not stop your imagination. Often the head comes snowflakes, Christmas trees, some interesting figures. The image of Santa Claus and Snow Maiden will immerse you in childhood, and the New Year's symbolism will emphasize the approach of the holiday. Very beautiful on the nails look frosty patterns and laces. Red curls, stripes, the image of New Year's toys is also relevant.

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    Please note! To make the image more vivid, add pebbles, rhinestones, sequins. Choose bright, flashy colors - red and its shades.

    Aquarium design

    Aquarium design of nail extensions

    Quite an interesting option. Such a manicure is performed using special technology. Using an illusory gel, a pattern is created that can last for a long time. Such a manicure emphasizes sexuality, romance, naturalness. In addition, this design will be in the trend next year.

    Manicure in watercolor style

    Watercolor design of

    Quite simple and original. Not only can it be done at home, on nails, it looks great.

    Please note! With the help of watercolor paints you can create any picture, pattern, abstraction. It's light and enchanting in one bottle.

    Acrylic molding

    Acrylic molding on nails

    With this technique, 3D drawings are created. This procedure is not cheap, nevertheless, if you want to be in the center of attention on New Year's Eve and stand out - such a manicure option is just for you.

    Symbol 2016

    Allocating the nail on the ring finger

    To cajole the Red Monkey, you need to choose the right color. These are all colors of red, yellow and brown scales. To dilute these colors, you can also use warm colors: pastel, brown, orange. By the way there will be pebbles and sparkles, the flickering of which will attract the attention of all present.

    Fashion trends of 2016

    Red French manicure

    French manicure is fashionable and beautiful. There are many options for just such a manicure. In the classical version, the tips of the nails themselves stand out. The millennium technique allows you to use glitter. A colored jacket can diversify your life, it is practical when choosing a dress. When applying a fan-frensch use different elements of decor - crystals, stones, beads. A non-standard form of a jacket is the absence of a "smile" when it is performed in unusual ways.

    Solid black manicure

    Simple and original - a one-color version of manicure. Always was relevant and irreplaceable. The main thing is to choose the right color range and coverage: matte, glossy, pearly.

    Lunar manicure in black

    Lunar manicure, as opposed to a jacket. It is in such great demand that it became practically classics. Its feature is the accent on the nail hole. Two contrasting colors are used.

    Combining the techniques of ombre and stroke

    Nail in a frame. Creative solution of a conventional manicure. It is not as popular as the other species, yet it attracts attention due to its originality. Run it at home is difficult, so it's better to visit the salon and trust the master.

    Manicure in the style of feng shui

    Preferences on feng shui. Ancient knowledge says that every finger on a person's hand has a certain value.

    Pay attention! Nameless is responsible for friendly energy and sexual attraction. The girl who wants to strengthen these feelings, is recommended to allocate this finger. This can be a different color, special decoration or any decorations.
    Technology ombre

    Ombre - a fashion trend. To perform this technique, at least two shades of color are chosen. Their transition can be one tone. But in the end, the manicure will flow from the lighter to the darker.

    Pure nails metallic

    Metallic on nails. Turns dials a manicure using foil. It can completely cover the nail or be a small decoration element.

    European trend

    In many countries, a manicure related to eco-themes is fashionable. These are discreet colors, well-groomed hands, the usual technique of application. New Year's manicure in this spirit will be like ordinary, ordinary. In addition, the colors - peach and coral will suit the patroness of the year. The form needs to be chosen neat and practical. Female hands should look as natural as possible.

    When choosing a manicure for the New Year, you need, of course, to take into account fashion and trends. But in general, manicure should be chosen according to taste and mood.

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