The Importance of Kisses in Relationships Between People

  • The Importance of Kisses in Relationships Between People

    In order to show their feelings, a person can use not only words, facial expressions, gestures and touches, but also kisses. At all times, the kisses were given special significance. I would like to note that centuries have passed since the first kiss appeared, and during this period a special meaning of kisses was formed.

    In addition to ardent and passionate love, they can mean other, no less noble feelings. For example, hands kissed the ladies as a sign of respect, reverence and even friendship. Young people, wanting to flirt with the ladies and demonstrate their disposition towards her person, necessarily, kissing her hand, looked into the eyes. It was a rather intimate step, because the society did not yet know about free morals.

    Close people often kiss each other in the nose, it speaks of affection and enthusiasm.

    Kisses on the cheeks are not just a greeting symbol, as many believe. In fact, they mean the desire to be with a person always, to stay together forever.

    Do not be prejudiced against kisses on the forehead, they have nothing to do with the dead. On the contrary, such kisses are translated, as the aspiration to care and protect.

    Analyzing different types of kisses, one can understand the true intentions of a person.

    The kiss in the ear demonstrates the partner's desire to just play with you. And if they kiss on the lips, then this is a confession in the lightest feelings. The kiss in French speaks of passion, the whirl of feelings. Light kisses in the neck area indicate a desire for intimacy.

    The meaning of these expressions of their feelings can not be overemphasized in creating positive emotions, enhancing the mood and rallying of loving hearts. However, each person is unique and in his own way can invest other feelings, which he tries to convey through a kiss. Therefore, it is not necessary to treat each kiss by definitions. In addition, each people has its own characteristics and traditions in the manifestation of feelings and kisses.

    So, let's sum up:

    • if the partner kisses your corners of the lips, then he expresses how deeply he is emotionally attached to you and needs a relationship with confidence;
    • if the partner deeply kisses the lips, it means that he feels the need for physical contact, which has a closer meaning;
    • with a gentle kiss on the cheek, he tries to express tenderness, friendly affection;
    • if kisses on the forehead, then, unconsciously feels the need to protect and protect you;
    • if the partner kissed you in the nose, he expressed the fact that he has strong trust and tenderness;
    • at a kiss in the hair the partner expresses that you are sympathetic to him, and he enjoys conversations;
    • if your boyfriend or girlfriend uses the kissing technique on the neck, then this, in most cases, means expressing a desire to genuinely deliver pleasant emotions with the hope of a reciprocal feeling;
    • the value of a kiss in the ear lobes can tell you about the hardness in your feelings of your loved one;
    • kissing the back of your hands, your boyfriend or girlfriend is likely to show willingness to subordinate;
    • kissing the outer sides of your hands, the partner formally shows respect to you and nothing more, maybe even feels indifference;
    • if you are kissed in the wrist, it means that the partner wants another partner to subordinate himself;
    • if the partner covers his eyelids with a kiss, he feels uncertain and strives for a sincere rapprochement;
    • if at the kiss your partner slightly bites the lower lip, it symbolizes that he is not sure of your feelings, and, more often than not, in this way, the partner expresses jealousy;
    • and if he slightly bites the upper lip when kissing, then this is usually expressed by authority over you;
    • the value of a kiss with a frank smacking - most likely the insincerity of this kiss at this time, which does not mean that this person is always with you.

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