Contests for the New Year for children and adults - merry New Year's competitions

  • Contests for the New Year for children and adults - merry New Year's competitions

    While organizing the celebration of the New Year, it is important not to forget to pay attention to no less important tasks than preparing festive food, namely the entertainment program. After all, what New Year can do without fun and games? Only boring and banal! Of course, you can do everything modestly, watch the President's New Year's greetings, eat a salad bowl, wash down with a bottle of champagne and go to bed, while telling the next day to everyone?how "cool" the event was. And you can do, on the contrary, prepare contests for the New Year for children and adults and have fun until the morning. Obviously, the choice is yours.

    New Year's competitions are great for any age category. Selected according to individual collective requirements, funny, funny, mobile, intellectual competitions with peppercorn can be for both adult and children's contingent.

    Given the diverse classification, with ease at home, you can pick up a contest that will please even the most demanding guest.

    Below we present to your attention several popular New Year's competitions.

    "We make a dream come true"

    We make a snowman

    If the New Year's night is not stingy and pleased you with snow, then you can easily offer your guests to move the celebration to the street. Divide the participants into two teams, the female and the male group. The task for both teams is the same, to blend the ideal dream and decorate it with improvised tools( these can be clothes, shoes, tree branches, vegetables).The team whose artwork will be more refined, beautiful and fragrant will win.

    Contest for the family

    Santa Claus and the alphabet

    What New Year without Grandfather Frost and gifts? Family and children in anticipation of New Year's miracles? Then you can fulfill their dream with a pre-prepared costume and a bag with gifts.

    But to make the holiday more interesting, you should not give souvenirs for nothing. Play the game "Alphabet".To do this, Santa Claus calls the letter, and those wishing to receive a reward should come up with a New Year's greeting for this letter. For example, the letter Z: "We wish that all dreams and wishes come true!"

    The fun will begin when the alphabet reaches the letter b, N, F.

    "Dressing up the Christmas tree"

    Dress up the Christmas tree

    Funny contest, whose task is to decorate the Christmas tree with all sorts of ornaments( garlands, tinsel, ribbons).Only while the other participant, preferably a man, should use the lips, not the hands. Will win the team whose Christmas tree will look more elegant and tidy.

    "Baba Yaga"

    Baba Yaga

    You will need a bucket, a mop and free space for the game. The participants of the fun sit down one by one on the mop-broom, one foot in the bucket, and temporarily overcome the obstacle course. The winner is the one who can cope with the task fastest.


    Under the guidance of Grandfather Frost, viewers of the contest come up with difficult situations, and the participants offer their own solutions. The participant who answers will be especially unique and ridiculous will win.

    Examples of questions:

    1. What if the plane was left without a pilot?
    2. During a cruise liner trip, you were accidentally left in the port. Your actions.
    3. The Earth was captured by aliens.
    4. You woke up on an uninhabited island.

    "Drunken checkers"

    Drunken checkers

    On a real board instead of checkers put a stack of liquor. For the difference, teams use multi-colored instruments or different types of wine, for example, white and red. Next, the game takes place according to the usual standard rules. Only in case of eating a checker, the losing side drinks the contents.


    All at once thought that it was time for kisses? And here not! Youth game "Bottles" offers to compete in fluency and ability to manipulate your body. Half-full bottle participants of the game are first held under the arm( after between the knees or legs) and pass each other in a circle, until the moment it falls. The player who stays longer than the others wins and never drops the trophy.

    "Songs of the Bremen musicians"

    Christmas karaoke

    Is there a merry New Year without songs and dances? Absolutely not. Help to diversify the activities of musical competitions. You can sing karaoke for points, or sing a duet. The participant who will gain the majority of spectator sympathies and applause will win.

    And the most fun musical task is when the guests chorus the same popular song, for example, "A fir tree was born in the forest".Then, on the leader's lead, the song stops and sings to himself, the next cotton signals the continuation of the singing out loud. Loses that player, which will enter inappropriately.

    "A character from a fairy tale"

    A cat in boots

    You will need previously prepared game cards with names of lubricant characters. The first participant pulls out any card he likes and uses his facial expressions and gestures to represent the chosen character's name. The first who guesses, then pulls out the cards.