Toys for the New Year 2016 with their own hands - homemade Christmas toys( + photos, charts)

  • Toys for the New Year 2016 with their own hands - homemade Christmas toys( + photos, charts)

    The tradition of making toys with our own hands for the New Year holidays has a long history. Long before the birth of our family members, including children, gathered at the same table, made jewelry and toys for the New Year tree, gifts to friends and family for New Year and Christmas.

    Gradually this tradition was replaced by bright and affordable toys of mass production, but now it began to return to our everyday life. By making toys for the new year of 2016 with their own hands, senior family members share their experience and knowledge with young people.

    To make beautiful and elegant souvenirs, toys, jewelry and gifts for the New Year, you will not need large investments. In the course will go flaps and ribbons, colored paper, buttons, beads and beads, cones and acorns, chestnuts and nuts. This activity will bring pleasure to both old people and children.

    Christmas tree of cones

    From the handy tools of

    In the past there were no questions how to make jewelry for the New Year holiday and what materials. Everyone knew that Christmas toys can and should be edible. Ornaments were sweets, pastries, various sweets, gilded nuts, exotic fruits, marzipan and chocolate figurines. They were not just hanging out, but wrapped in beautiful paper or foil, decorated with ribbons, beads and bows.

    Edible toys

    Glass and plastic Christmas toys are more common today, but nothing is easier than making "edible" jewelry yourself. In addition, such a retro Christmas tree will look very original, compared with decorated with standard toys.

    Tasty Christmas tree

    To make such toys you will need:

    • colored foil;
    • tissue paper;
    • transparent food cellophane;
    • tapes, laces, ribbons;
    • beautiful beads;
    • nuts, chocolates, cookies, muffins, sugar candies, marzipan products.
    Little surprises on the Christmas tree

    Such toys are made extremely simply: you need to cut the squares of paper, foil and cellophane, arrange the entertainment on the squares and collect them with a beautiful "knot".Tie a "knot" with braid or ribbon, tie up and make of it the same loop for hanging. Put loose beads on loose ends. All you can hang out treats on the tree.

    How to sew

    Soft bear

    Doing your own hands with soft toys is actually not as difficult as it seems. Nowadays, in ordinary and online stores, you can easily buy everything you need to create toys. And it's inexpensive. Here there is artificial fur, and a variety of filler, and noses, eyes, eyelashes, tongues and the like, necessary for bears, bunnies and cats.

    Monkey 2016 pattern

    The most important thing in creating toys is a pattern. Without it, do not create a beautiful toy. Experienced masters use self-made patterns, and beginners will be helped by samples, for example, from magazines on needlework. They are equipped with step-by-step instructions and photos, using which you can make very beautiful and spectacular things. The general algorithm works as follows:

    1. It is necessary to cut the fabric or artificial fur.
    2. Sew all parts, leave a small hole for packing.
    3. Fill the product with sintepump, sintepon or any other filler, trying to tighten the head.
    4. Sew the hole.
    5. Sew or glue the eyes and nose.
    6. Decorate the toy with a bow, make clothes. A gift with your own hands is ready!

    From paper

    Christmas card from color paper

    You can make a lot of different things from paper - from postcards and garlands to dolls and caskets. It is easiest to use for this purpose colored paper and ready-made patterns found on the Internet or in specialized publications. Help in this can and video, where all the stages of manufacturing the product are considered step by step.

    Here, for example, a very simple New Year's garland made of paper:

    Paper lanterns

    Make of colored paper you can the most simple paper lanterns, which we all did in our time at school and kindergarten. They have a simple design: you just need to make parallel incisions on a rectangle of colored paper, leaving whole sections on top and bottom. Then the sides are glued together, and inside they insert a cylinder of a different color, smaller in height. It turns out a simple, but very decorative thing, which you can decorate a tree or room.

    You can make a variety of garlands from paper. Protozoa are made from narrow strips of colored paper joined together in rings, more complex ones are compositions from recurring motifs, among which there can be both miniature elements and real giants. In such a garland can be inscribed and the symbol of 2016 - a monkey, and the date itself, and even congratulations on the holiday.

    Using the origami technique, you can make unusually interesting Christmas decorations in the oriental style. If we consider that the year of the Monkey is celebrated according to the Chinese calendar, then such decorating will be more than appropriate.

    You can use paper in another way. If the house has old, lost the attractive appearance of Christmas trees, you can decorate with colored paper and Christmas tinsel. This is a simple job and it will be very enjoyable for children. To work, you need:

    • old toys, better simple shapes, ideally balls;
    • any thin color paper, you can trim and flap;
    • thin foil;
    • Christmas tree tinsel of different kinds;
    • paste or glue PVA, glue stick;
    • scissors.
    Decoupage balls

    The old worn ball is carefully wrapped in a thin foil, compressing it in a mold and gluing it in case of need. Thin colored paper is glued on the foil in disorder or spreading a certain pattern, if desired. Over the paper, a thin tinsel( rain) is wound up, the ends are fixed with glue. It can also be finely chopped, coated with blister paste and sprinkled with small pieces of sparkles. The covering can be made solid or in the form of a picture. It's very easy - just draw a pattern with a brush with glue, and then sprinkle the entire piece with sequins. It will stick only to the glue, forming a beautiful shiny figure.

    Ball of sweets and tinsel

    Using glue and fluffy tinsel, you can create very spectacular "fur" balls. To do this, they are just diligently, a turn behind the turn, wrapped in a shaggy tinsel of the chosen color.

    Funny monkeys

    Christmas tree with monkey

    Using a similar technique, you can create beautiful toys, which will feature the symbol of the year - Fiery Monkey. This does not require outstanding ability in drawing. To work, you will need the same materials as for foil and paper balls plus clippings from magazines. Of course, they must have a monkey of the appropriate size. You can stick single beautiful cuttings on the balls, and you can make unique authorial collages. Such toys will decorate the New Year tree very much and will please the mistress of the year 2016.

    Picture of

    Christmas tree of acorns
    Charms of Christmas tree
    Toy of snitch
    Christmas soft toys of
    Beads braided with beads
    Wreath of cones
    Chic ball