New Year 2014 in the family circle - the family New Year 2014 Horse

  • New Year 2014 in the family circle - the family New Year 2014 Horse

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    The tradition to celebrate the New Year with close relatives was born many centuries ago. That is why on December 31, all native people gather behind a richly laid table and happily escort the past days, remembering them only with the warmest words. As a rule, at such moments you begin to understand how dear your parents, brothers, sisters, grandmothers, grandfathers and other relatives are to you.

    It is worth noting that the New Year 2014 in the circle of seven meets no less fun and noisy, because it is commonly believed that, as you celebrate this holiday, and spend the next 365 days.

    Evening in the Family Circle

    New Year's Eve

    Many young people mistakenly believe that it's rather boring to meet the New Year 2014 with the family because it's difficult to have fun with people who are not one decade older than you. However, it is worth noting that a merry evening and a favorable atmosphere in the house can be created regardless of the age and social status of this or that member of the family.

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    For such purposes, very often develop special entertainment scenarios, which can be easily found on the Internet. In addition, quite a large number of people use other methods to create a cheerful atmosphere on New Year's Eve.

    • Toast. As a rule, without raising glasses with champagne or wine, not a single family feast, and even more so the New Year's Eve. However, this tradition can be slightly changed and instead of the usual benevolent words ask for forgiveness from each member of the family or relative for any particular action that was committed in the outgoing year. Surely everyone has such a reason, which will force you to raise a New Year's glass with champagne and say sincere words about forgiveness. Such a moment will certainly make everyone think about the value of the family and the importance of friendly relations.
    • Family interview .In order to cheer yourself and your guests, you can arrange a family interview with provocative questions. This will require a small camera, a "talented" and humorous interviewer, as well as pre-prepared questions for each member of the family. Such an entertainment event will amuse not only the guests themselves, but will remain in the record, which can be reviewed and remembered about this gay family evening.

    Family traditions

    Family traditions of the New Year

    It should be noted that each single family has its own personal traditions, which they adhere to every year. After all, for someone it is very important to make another impression and run dozens of luxury fireworks, watching which, the mood will rise not only for each family member, but also for the many neighbors that live next door.

    In order to really experience the taste of the holiday, many relatives, or rather individual persons, take the initiative and in advance purchase suits of the famous New Year characters - Santa Claus and Snow Maiden. As a rule, such a tradition with disguise exists in almost every third family, preferring to celebrate the New Year exclusively in the circle of the most dear, dear and close people.

    In addition, there is another popular tradition that will certainly be relevant to the New Year's 2014 meeting. After all, no single holiday, much less a family holiday, can not do without a lot of gifts under a lush and green tree. It is generally believed that on New Year's Eve, it is necessary to present to relatives only the most practical and useful presents, which will certainly be useful in the household or at least will be used as personal attributes. And this is not surprising, because the New Year is a family holiday, and, consequently, gifts should also correspond to this event.

    In what clothes to celebrate New Year's Eve horses

    New Year's dress 2014

    For sure, many follow the rules on the selection of clothes on New Year's Eve, which are dictated by the Eastern countries. And this fact does not surprise at all, because each person wants to change his life for the better and in the next year to implement all the plans he has planned. It is from here that superstition is born.

    In order to "correctly" celebrate the New Year 2014, you must buy clothes of blue, blue, green or turquoise. In addition, the coming year of the horse allows you to put on a holiday and something black or gray.

    As for the style in clothes, then, like the presented animal, it is necessary to embody sexuality and grace. For this, short dresses, skirts, as well as an open neckline, loose hair, etc. may suit.

    It is also worth noting that this New Year's Eve welcome a large number of accessories from natural materials. For example, ideally complete the image of the fatal beauty wooden beads, bracelets and pendants with the image of a horse.