Haircut Bob on medium hair: photos and tips of stylists on technology of a hairstyle

  • Haircut Bob on medium hair: photos and tips of stylists on technology of a hairstyle

    The very first haircut that arose among women at the beginning of the last century, which shortened the total agiotage in fashion and style of those times, the bean remains popular even in our time, and not just popular, but at the very top of glory.

    What is the advantage and practicality of this haircut? Firstly, a short hairstyle will not interfere during work. Secondly, the technique of this haircut implies full freedom of hair, but at the same time convenience for the hostess. Thirdly, there is nothing easier, than to make packing on short hair, after all they even are unlikely to become tangled.

    I suggest to consider a photo of a haircut of Bob on average hair and to choose the liked variant.

    And here are the variations of this hairstyle, collected in one video review.

    As you already noticed, this haircut can be made as straight hair or slightly wavy, and curly and naughty, which is very convenient for women. Here we note that the bean roll is suitable for all women, regardless of the shape of the face and body. Indeed, even if you have straight and smooth hair, and the shape of the face is voluminous( square or circle), you can simply curl them, and you are gorgeous.

    But still, most of all the bean on medium hair is suitable for oval face, triangular and rectangular, here the hair does not need volume, which means that in the morning you only need to comb your hair to look perfect all day. Here we note that if you are the owner of a "swan" neck, then you are advised to put it on display, that is, the hair at the temples can be cut a little more than allowed.

    If you have a square, round or elongated oval face shape, then do not despair. You are advised to make your hair more voluminous, or, for elongated forms, to extend the strands at the temples, so that this elongation is not so conspicuous. In addition, you are advised to monitor the condition of your skin, do not forget to clean the pores and apply makeup according to your type.

    One of the characteristics of the bean is the occipital region, where the hair is slightly shorter in the face, which just gives such freedom to the curls and comfort to the woman herself. But we will notice, that hair from behind can be and essentially shorter hair at temples, it already on your discretion. Your attention is provided with a photo of Bob's back view on medium hair.

    Bob is profitable not only for its simplicity and practicality, but also for what can be adjusted to the temperament of any woman. Do not worry if you have a big forehead: this haircut even looks great with the bang. In addition, you can shorten strands in the occipital area not only as suggested by the hairdresser, but also as you like most. There are no clear limits to what is allowed, you can experiment with the bean, as conveniently.

    By the way, about the experiments. By our time, a lot of different variations of haircutting bobs have been invented, such as quads, graded beans, asymmetric, styling, and many other options. Before you open up a huge choice of hair, do not stop on the classic.

    And now I propose to consider video master classes on this topic.

    Graduated bean roll:

    Bulk version:

    Variation with layers:

    Also, you may need to know how to beautifully and quickly style the hair in this hairstyle. With this, our video lesson will help you.