How to properly plant pineapple at home: practical advice

  • How to properly plant pineapple at home: practical advice

    Do you like houseplants? Do you want to grow up something exotic and fruitful at home? Are not you afraid of the difficulties in planting and caring for a tropical plant? Then try to grow pineapple at home. It's not so difficult: a little effort and in 3-4 years the plant will please you with the first fruits.

    Pineapple is a tropical plant that is useful for the body, regulates metabolism. A lot of original plants have long been growing on the windowsills of the apartments. How to plant a pineapple at home is of interest to many.

    To understand if it is possible to plant pineapple in your home, whether it will develop well and bear fruit, it should be remembered that this is a light-loving plant growing only in a warm room.

    The optimal temperature for normal growth of pineapple is 25-27 degrees, at a temperature below 20 the plant can die.

    The light day for the plant should last about 12 hours, in winter, additional fluorescent lamp lighting is required.

    If you can create suitable conditions in your house, you can safely embark on growing.

    We proceed to landing

    The technique itself looks like this. A rosette with leaves and part of the crop is cut with a sharp knife. In a dark place, the cut must be dried within a week. Powder of charcoal is covered with a slice and planted in a pot.

    Given that the roots grow wider and not deep, the pot must be low and wide. In addition, there must be holes for drainage.

    In the pot you need to lay a drain on the bottom with pieces of charcoal. Then the substrate is poured from a sheet( 2 parts) and turf( 3 parts) of the earth, birch sawdust( 2), peat( 2) and coarse sand( 1), which is steamed and dried.

    After the cutting was planted, the soil should be poured with a solution of potassium permanganate. The temperature around the sprout should be at least 25 degrees, the room is sunny, but without direct hits of rays.

    After a couple of months, the first leaves begin to appear. After the drill grows, in summer it is transferred to a wider pot. The mixture for growth should consist of birch( 2), turf( 3), peat( 3), humus( 2) earth and sand( 1).

    Pineapple set on the sunny side. Between November and March, he is at rest. It can be avoided if the soil temperature is not lower than 22 degrees, additional illumination is carried out.

    In the spring, the number of irrigation gradually increases. In the summer, water is abundant, the water temperature is 30 degrees. Sometimes you need to shower. During the growing season infusion of Mullein need to feed the plant twice.

    When a flower spike appears, the soil must be moist and fertilized with mineral fertilizer. After the flowering is over, the feeding should be continued. The growth of the co-occurrence is about 6 months.

    How to choose the right pineapple for planting?

    You do not have to buy a fruit just for planting, it can be eaten, after properly cutting the "chub".But let's pay attention to the choice, before planting pineapple at home.

    Buy a root crop only in late summer or early autumn, and in a store or supermarket, so it was not frozen, otherwise it will not be able to grow.

    The main focus is not on the root itself, but on its upper green part. It should be free from damage and defects, stains and cuts.

    Look at the leaves of the "chub", because it is from them that we will grow our pineapple. If they are bright, elastic, with a strong center, then it is possible to buy with confidence a root crop.

    Interesting fact

    Despite the exotic nature of this fruit, pineapples were grown in Russia even in the times of Catherine the Great in greenhouses. Those.potatoes in Russia had not yet been distributed, but the pineapples of every "advanced" landowner already grew up in imitation of the imperial court.

    This, by the way, speaks about the unpretentiousness of this plant, which causes rather simple agrotechnics of growing pineapple. The minimum conditions for light, temperature and humidity - and the arrival of fresh pineapples on the table is guaranteed.

    Visual video

    As you can see, there is nothing complicated:

    Look at the growth of pineapple:

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