• Chocolate glaze from cocoa for cake: recipe

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    Chocolate glaze is used for decorating and spreading cakes, truffles, cakes and biscuits. Frozen chocolate glaze is also used to decorate ice cream.

    If you like eating some fruits, marshmallows or other goodies with chocolate, then please - add the glaze to your taste and desire.

    This glaze is also convenient for covering the cake with mastic, as the mastic falls very well on it and is easily smoothed on the cake. In this article, we will tell you how to make chocolate glaze from cocoa.

    Homemade glaze

    Chocolate glaze can be prepared in two ways - from chocolate or from cocoa powder. Both methods are easy to master, and learn to make the glaze will be able to any even inexperienced culinary. We will tell you about the preparation of chocolate glaze from chocolate bars or cocoa in the recipe.

    This glaze is very tasty. If you somehow still cook the icing on this recipe, you will never want to try another recipe. You will remain faithful to him for life. After all, our glaze is good and quickly freezes, and you do not have to wait half a day until it takes its form.

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    In order to lubricate a cake with a diameter of 22 cm, you need to take 155 g of dark chocolate( or a similar amount of cocoa) and 155 ml of cream of high fat content.

    First it is necessary to split the chocolate into small pieces and put it together with the cream in a heat-resistant dish over a saucepan with slowly boiling water. The main thing is to make sure that the container with chocolate and cream does not sink in the boiling water.

    Cream and chocolate should be stirred until soft glaze turns out.

    Next, you need to remove the chocolate coating from the steam and leave it to cool and thicken a little. Thus, this cocoa dessert is ready for use. It can already be poured onto the cake and distributed over the entire surface. Then the cake with such glaze should be left in the fridge in order for the glaze to froze.

    If you want to use chocolate glaze as an ornament or spread it on cakes or cakes, it should cool completely. Further it needs to be beaten a little so that it becomes so thick to use it together with the confectionery bag.

    If you want the chocolate icing to be hard, then you need to add a little butter.

    Then the cake should be covered with such glaze and put in the refrigerator. In order to make the surface of the cake perfect, you need to smooth the frosted glaze and smooth it with a warm spatula or knife.

    Mirror chocolate glaze

    You will need: 150 grams of sugar, condensed milk and milk chocolate, 150 ml of honey, 75 ml of water, a tablespoon of gelatin.

    One tablespoon of gelatin soak for 10-15 minutes in 30-35 ml of water before swelling. In the saucepan( it is better to use thick-walled), combine honey, sugar and remaining water.

    Place the sauté pan on the stove, bring to a boil and cook for two minutes. Then remove from heat, add condensed milk, stir. Add the swollen gelatin and stir until the gelatin is completely dissolved. Put the milk chocolate broken into slices. Stir well until the chocolate dissolves completely.

    Video recipes for the preparation of glaze from cocoa

    In this video the icing turns out to be very tasty and tender!

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